Startup U, Episode Five: Zzzzzzzzzzzz


I was told by the producers of StartupU that this was the week that things would get “crazy.”

If by “crazy” you mean an absolute snore-fest for the first 21 minutes and a mild denouement where one entrepreneur finally got a tiny amount of truth talk, then yeah. Crrraaaaaazzzzy.

The “stars” this week were Ana– a generally likable and genuine entrepreneur who wants to turn her brick-and-mortar nail salon into an “Uber of manicures”– and Shawn (pictured above) — a man very impressed with himself who wants to win the show more than he seems to want to build a company.

Before I continue, let me say, I’m beyond bored with the structure of this show. Every week, it targets two of the “students,” shows the staff and guests minimally– at best– help them, but mostly expose their weaknesses with no real consequence, and then it just leaves them while they move onto someone else next week. No one is kicked off. Hardly anyone seems to make any progress. And this weird round robin means that once you get slightly invested in a character you never hear from them again. It’s just bad TV…

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