Words With Friends: New Languages, ‘Fast Play’ Hit Zynga’s Word Game

Words with Friends

Zynga has announced a major new update for Words with Friends, bringing additional languages and a new game mode to the popular free multiplayer word game.

This update introduces multiple language localization options to the game, with the full lineup now including U.S. English, British English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese gameplay options.

Meanwhile, the new gameplay mode, Fast Play, allows players to complete faster matches on a smaller game board, with fewer overall tiles and a 12-hour time limit for each move. This feature is currently only available for English players, but Zynga said it will roll out for the game’s additional languages in the coming months.

Vaibhav Saghal, general manager of Words with Friends, told us:

We are thrilled to introduce Fast Play as the newest way for our players to match, and win, faster than ever before. We are always listening to feedback from players on what new elements they’d like to see in-game, and the ability to start and finish games in less time is one of the features most requested from our players. With the launch of Fast Play, we are excited to bring this new gameplay mode to Words With Friends fans everywhere.

Since Words with Friends was released in 2009, 70 billion words and 300 billion individual letter tiles have been played across all games. An estimated 55 million active Words with Friends matches are being played around the world at any moment, with 23.42 words played, on average, in each game. In 2014, ‘psychoanalyzing’ was the longest word played in any game.

The Fast Play and language update is now live in the iOS and Android versions of Words with Friends, and will come to additional platforms in the future.

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Zynga’s FarmVille 2 Loses 4 Million DAUs in a Year



Poor Zynga. The once-darling of the social gaming world has been losing users for some time now, while its competitor, King, is on the upswing.

In March of 2013, Zynga’s biggest game was Farmville 2. It had over eight million daily active users (DAUs) at the time, and had 2.73 percent of the Facebook app market, according to AppData. At the same time, King’s biggest game Candy Crush Saga had about 21.5 million DAUs and 7.27 percent of the market.

In a year’s time, Farmville 2 lost nearly four million DAUs, dropping from No. 4 in AppData’s Power Ranking to No. 20. Meanwhile, Candy Crush Saga has held onto its number one spot, gaining over 35 million DAUs in the same time period. Candy Crush now has 15.77 percent of the market, compared to FarmVille 2′s 1.15 percent.

Check out this chart, courtesy of AppData’s Power Ranker: [Click to enlarge]


Do you think the tide will turn for Zynga?

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