We interview one of the world’s most creative designers, Lucas Zych of Studio Emerald Boudoir, about his latest designs for New York’s Park Avenue.


You’ve recently designed an apartment in 432 Park Avenue in New York. Was it a big challenge for you?

I knew from the beginning that this project needs to be extraordinary.  A client who buys an apartment in such an expensive location surely expects outstanding  design and my studio is the one to meet these expectations. Right after our first meeting with the client I had a vision for this space but the biggest challenge was to create one coherent whole out of this vast area; to confront the rectangularity of the shapes of the building, windows, and of the plan.

So what was this vision?

My vision was to create a fairy-tale atmosphere within the apartment. I wanted to make some kind of connection between present and past, to teleport the residents to times of childhood fantasies and imagination triggered by  bedtime reading of stories and tales of the greatest authors.

P01_ROOM01_05 (1)

And you’ve made it. The project is amazing! But you mentioned one coherent space and what I can see here is a variety of shapes and colours.

Yes. The whole apartment is one great journey. With changing the places inside the apartment the resident  is travelling from one fairyland to another and he’s discovering unusual corners of the space. Each room arouses different impressions and emotions because each was assigned with somewhat different atmospheres to the design. This is what makes the apartment coherent- this change, surprise, and discovery.

There is a lot of stainless steel in your project. Is it your favourite material? Do you use it often in your design?

I do often use stainless steel which is one of the most  noble and at the same time simplistic of materials. My fascination for it may be traced back to my father who was working in metallurgical engineering, making large-sized pipelines. For me as a young boy all this work was mesmerising and intriguing and I guess it’s been inspiring me my whole life. However, even though my projects are full of stainless steel, my favourite material is a variety of the mineral beryl- emerald.

Now I know the origin of your studio’s name.

Yes, the name of my studio is Emerald Boudoir. Boudoir is a special place in the house, a private space for ladies where they prepare and dress. Nowadays, the term is associated with a style of interiors that are beautiful, ornate, with complexity of shapes and richness of fabrics. And that’s what my studio is all about. Creating unique projects of personalized space  dedicated to the clients’ expectations and dreams is my mission. This uniqueness of design, variety of ideas, dynamic shapes, innovation and quality is what distinguishes us from the others.


Do you design only luxurious interiors?

No, but the characteristic feature of all my interiors is definitely style. It is not a standard design so not everyone would like or could use my services but it surely makes a huge impression on many. My everyday objects, furniture, prints, patterns are never in mass production but they are made in single copies or in short series, depending on the contract.  My subcontractors, usually firms consisting of a few people making hand crafted furniture or jewellery ornaments, realize my ideas with care. The great precision and the highest quality of product require a longer time of production and therefore the price of the product considerably rises.  I  design interiors out of materials that inspire me, such as copper, brass, steel, aluminium, zinc, bronze, and tin. However, the greatest inspiration brings precious metals, platinum, gold, silver, and precious and semiprecious gemstones.


Can you tell me where did you get the idea to use the gemstones in your design?

You can use anything in the design but the more unique the material the more luxurious the product. Minerals rarely found in nature are extremely valuable. They were used to ornament various objects, furniture and clothes for ages. When I was a little boy I got interested in precious gemstones, rocks and crystals- their colours, origins, chemical compositions, their variety of shapes and patterns. I collected them for some time until I gathered few thousands and now I’m happy to connect my work with my passion.

Are you proud of all your projects?

My perfectionist nature doesn’t let me create anything I’m not 100 % sure of. I refine each, even the smallest element of the design making the whole project unique and flawless.


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