Zucked over, yet again: Gasp! You mean there’s a downside to relying on Facebook for traffic?


This is going to shock absolutely no one who has ever built a gaming app, or any app that relied on Facebook’s Newsfeed to propagate throughout the world. 

Mark Pincus, just skip this post. Anyone involved with Viddy – you too. Those guys who did iLike back in the day? Keep on moving. Don Graham, you’ve got better things to read. You lived this already.

OK, only total noobs or people with absolutely no short-term business memory left? Great. Here’s the headline: According to Digiday, Facebook’s traffic to top publishers has fallen 32% over the course of this year, causing everyone in media to freak the fuck out.

In the parlance of Silicon Valley app makers: They’ve been “Zucked over.” Fun fact: That term emerged way back in 2008, just 18 months after the platform was launched and Facebook first tweaked the rules, tanking businesses along with it…

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