Add Some Zoom to Your Productivity with SyncApps by Cazoomi


Being an effective online marketer in 2015 means using numerous applications to get the word out. With so many tools available to help you reach your audience, one of the biggest challenges is syncing data between multiple platforms. SyncApps by Cazoomi solves this problem by keeping your campaigns, contacts, lists, and analytics synced.

What is SyncApps?

SyncApps is an integration framework created to unite your company’s data. The framework makes it possible to sync your data across hundreds of apps in real-time. Once you’re connected, you benefit from SyncApps two-way sync which pushes and pulls data into your Cloud, On-Premise or Plug-in applications. Imagine your Financials, Marketing, eCommerce, Support and other mission critical tools talking to each other and updating in real time. Save yourself from the manual entry of new data into multiple systems and ensure your data is accurate throughout. 

How Does it Work?

Getting started with SyncApps is a snap. Cazoomi offers a risk-free 14-day trial so you can test out your syncs before committing to a paid service tier.

1. Create a free account

All you need to do is create a free account with an email and password.

2. Select the apps

Choose which apps you’d like to sync. For instance, when syncing VerticalResponse data with another app, you enter your VR credentials so SyncApps can access this data. Then select the app to sync with.

3. Identify the fields

Decide which data you’d like to pass between the two apps. For example, push your VerticalResponse contacts, lists, and campaign data into another system like Netsuite or ZohoCRM. You can use basic fields such as email address, contact name, address, or company name. You can also create custom fields specific to your internal system or application.

4. Schedule your sync

Once you’ve set up your syncs, schedule the sync time (hours of the day) or sync interval (based on minutes between syncs). This is a benefit to your productivity since you won’t need to worry about syncing manually, although this is an option as well.

Add Some Zoom to Your Productivity with SyncApps by Cazoomi

True Two-Way Sync

A highlight of Cazoomi’s SyncApps is the true bi-directional sync. This is a significant differentiation, as it’s often necessary to not only sync data from one platform to another, but to have the data sync in reverse. This keeps both platforms up-to-date. Cazoomi SyncApps also offers version merging, version conflict resolution, and triggers for updated data. These features work to inform you should a sync field not match up correctly, or data fails to sync between platforms.

Add Some Zoom to Your Productivity with SyncApps by Cazoomi

Check out Cazoomi SyncApps here.


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Zoom Zoom: 2015 Mazda5 Grand Touring Review

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Mazda5 Grand Touring Review

Disclosure: I was loaned this vehicle in exchange for my social influence and honest review. The opinions in this review belong to me and are not indicative of the companies or brands mentioned.

I love testing out new cars, especially when I travel. I recently traveled to the City of Angels to visit my twenty year old son who lives there. He is unable to get the required days off to make his holiday pilgrimage home to St. Louis, so I couldn’t let the holiday season go by without seeing my boy and giving him a dose of home. During this very trip, I was given the new 2015 Mazda5 Grand Touring to drive and review during my trip. I was told that it was a combination of three different vehicles—a Crossover, a mini van, and a sedan, so I couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel and zoom zoom.

While I’ve never been a mini van type of gal, I can appreciate the style of the Mazda5. It has sliding doors much like you would see on a mini van, and has three rows of seating for ample passenger space. But it drives and feels like driving a small sedan or crossover. There is nothing that speaks “mini van-ish” when it comes to this car.

Mazda5 Grand Touring

Mazda5 Grand Touring Doors

Despite it’s family nature, it’s pretty sporty, too. I felt at ease driving in the rigorous Los Angeles traffic, and it handled quite well. I was rather disappointed that the Mazda5 Grand Touring that I was given didn’t have any navigational abilities in the car. I think if it did, it would be hard for me to find any fault in this car.

The Mazda5 Grand Touring is super roomy. I felt like we weren’t taking full advantage of the amazing space of the car since it was just me and my son driving around in it. It can seat six people comfortably—it’s that spacious inside.

And yet, it drives like a small sedan. It’s compact enough to get in small spaces. So it’s like having the best of both worlds. And the gas mileage is awesome as well.

2015 Mazda5 Grand Touring Inside

Mazda5 Grand Touring Inside

Mazda5 Grand Touring Interior

All-in-all, I enjoyed my experience with the Mazda5 Grand Touring and would recommend it for the family that needs space, but doesn’t want to opt for a mini van. It’s a pretty fly ride, but still gives you the functionality of a mini van without the mini van look.

The MSRP for the model I reviewed is around $ 24,770. For more info on the Mazda5, click here.

Here are a list of just some of the Mazda5 Grand Touring features:

  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Power Moonroof
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Xenon Headlights
  • Power Heated Mirrors
  • Side-Impact Air Bags
  • Sirius Satellite Radio

Thanks Josh and the peeps at STI for hooking me up yet again.

The Cubicle Chick