​Use Windows’ Additional Clocks to Monitor Multiple Time Zones


​Use Windows' Additional Clocks to Monitor Multiple Time Zones

If you work with people in multiple time zones, it can be difficult figuring out what time it is where they live. If you need a hand, Windows has the tools you need built right in.

The system tray is home to a single digital clock by default. You can add up to two more clocks so you can quickly check the time in a couple of other time zones. Just right click the clock, select Adjust Date/Time, and move to the Additional Clocks tab.

Tick the first “Show this clock” box, use the drop down menu to select the time zone you’re interested in, and then type a suitable label. Repeat the process for a second additional clock if you need to and click OK.

When you need to check the time on your co-workers’ home turf, click the system tray clock and a popup with three analog clocks appears. You can also hover your mouse over the clock for a digital popup instead.



[Video] Shine: 10 Tips for Effective Work Life Balance Tip #6: Establish Blackout Zones


Shine_Cover-682x1024Yay, we’ve made it to the sixth video of my Shine: 10 Tips for Effective Work Life Balance eBook series. in this video, I go over the sixth chapter of my book called Establishing Blackout Zones. Ditching the Tech for better Work Life Balance is something I am very much a proponent of, and having specific areas that are tech-free or Blackout Zones go a long way for your personal well-being.

Check out the video below for yourself to see what I mean. Subscribers and feed readers, if you are unable to see the video embed, click here to watch:

If you haven’t downloaded my free eBook, SHINE: 10 Tips for Effective Work Life Balance, you can do so here. It is filled with 10, real-life tips that can help you jumpstart your Work Life Balance and help you get the most out of your life personally and professionally. But don’t just take my word for it—download it yourself and see what I mean.

To view the previous video chapters of my book, here are the links: Chapter 1 (Learn to Say No) Chapter 2 (It’s OK and VERY Necessary to Unplug) Chapter 3 (Love What You Do) Chapter 4 (Schedule Downtime) and Chapter 5 (Organization). 

I’ve been in the lab working on my next Work Life Management project, and I hope to be making an announcement about it soon. It is something you are not going to want to miss.

P.S. Special thanks to Tony Scott and Tony Scott Media for producing all of my SHINE videos. He’s the best! If you need professional quality video and editing, reach out to him here.

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