Plants vs. Zombies 2 Updated With Jurassic Marsh Part One


EA has announced the release of the latest major content update in Plants vs. Zombies 2 on mobile devices. The update, Jurassic Marsh Part One, takes players to a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs, as well as themed plants and zombies.

This update features new plants including the Perfume-Shroom, Primal Wall-nut and Primal Peashooter (which stuns zombies). A new premium plant, the Grapeshot, is also available to purchase. The Grapeshot explodes and sends bouncing projectiles across the board to damage multiple zombies.

In addition, three new dinosaurs have been introduced with this update, including the Raptor, which can kick a zombie down a lane, and the Stegosaurus, which can move zombies into adjacent lanes.

Players will face off against seven themed zombies across 16 new levels in this update, including a themed Gargantuar Battle.

In addition to this update, a special 12-day event called Food Fight will be launched on Nov. 18. This update is themed around fall, and offers two special edition premium plants. One, the Dandelion, can fire at zombies in multiple rows, while the returning Sweet Potato will force zombies to switch lanes. As part of this update, players will encounter new themed zombies, including the Turkey Zombie, Gobbler King Zombie and Chefster Zombie.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million times since its release in 2013.

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Zombies Take Over City In Terrifying Prank Video


In a new prank video by DMPrankProductions, several people dress up as zombies and terrorize the people of Magione, Italy. There are hundreds, if not thousand, of great prank videos on the internet. However, this one takes it possibly a step too far and pushes the boundaries of what can be called a prank.

The video starts off by filming two people walking down a road. Suddenly an extremely loud air raid siren goes off. They claim it’s 138 decibels. A few seconds later, there is an enormous explosion about 700 yards away. The two guys that are walking are obviously in shock and have no idea what’s going on. Within seconds, they see several terrifying zombies running at them at full speed. They try their best to get away but stumble and fall.

In another scene, two guys are walking up to the top of a parking garage to get their car. As soon as they get to the top, they see what looks like a horrible car explosion with bodies lying all over the ground. They seem genuinely worried and try to see if everyone is okay. Suddenly all of the zombies wake up and start chasing them. The two victims try to get away, but they get cornered.

The video then shows a scene of two guys getting into their car. Seemingly out of no where, a zombie starts walking towards them. They try to talk to him at first. But instead the zombie just keeps advancing. So the guys get scared and jump into their car. However, before they can even take off, an entire group of zombies runs at them and jumps on the car! They don’t even let the car drive away.

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Prank videos are always fun to watch. But this one genuinely seemed like it was taken too far. DMPrankProduction, who are known to do extreme pranks, claim none of the video was staged. I’m just surprised no one was hurt.

While it is obvious that a lot of work and preparation was put in to make this prank so believable and scary, many people do think it pushed the boundaries of what you can call a prank. Check out the full video above and see for yourself how thin the line can be between a prank and just outright harassing people.

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