Social Media Face Off: IBM vs. Xerox


Social Media Face Off: IBM vs. Xerox image uberVU Social Media Face Off IBM vs XEROXFrom computer hardware to IT services and business consulting, both IBM and Xerox offer a wide range of products and services. We could compare the brands’ competing products, services or even evaluate stock prices, but as a social media analytics platform, we’re much more interested in which technology brand is putting up the best numbers in social. Which is why we’ve put IBM and Xerox head-to-head in week’s Social Media Face Off.

In order to compare the brands in social media, we set up search streams for each in the uberVU via Hootsuite platform, making sure to also include IBM’s full name “international business machines.” We’ve compared the results from a two-week window (May 28-June 10) to determine our winner.

Let’s find out which technology brand is earning more buzz in social.

Round One: Mentions

Mentions show the size of a social conversation around a specific search term or phrase—in this case “IBM” and “Xerox.” Mentions are simply the number of times the term you’re tracking was used across social media, helping you understand just how much (or little) attention the subject is receiving.

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IBM gains the early lead with 173,251 mentions, easily topping the 31,191 mentions of Xerox. That’s more than five times as many mentions!

Social Media Face Off: IBM vs. Xerox image mentions

Winner: IBM

Round Two: Sentiment

Sentiment refers to the emotion behind a social media mention. It’s a way to measure the tone of a conversation without having to dive into individual mentions. Sentiment add adds important context to social conversations—without it, measurement of mentions alone could be misleading.

Both IBM and Xerox had a high percentage of neutral mentions. And while IBM may have brought in more mentions, Xerox edges it out with positivity, with 17% of its mentions registering as positive, topping IBM’s 15%. IBM did bring in fewer negative mentions—5% compared to the 6% posted by Xerox—but when it comes to sentiment, positivity trumps all.

Social Media Face Off: IBM vs. Xerox image IBM vs Xerox uberVU sentiment

Social Media Face Off: IBM vs. Xerox image uberVU sentiment IBM vs Xerox

Winner: Xerox

Round Three: Exposure

In round three we’ll find out just how far mentions of each brand went in social by comparing exposure. Exposure is the size of a brand’s potential audience in social. Each time a person posts something in social, it is delivered to their list of followers—each instance is called an impression. And those impressions are tallied into that post’s exposure—so the more followers a user has, the higher the exposure for his or her posts. Of course, not everyone who receives a post in their social feeds will read it, which is why exposure measures the potential audience.

IBM brought in more mentions and had higher exposure, registering 113,778,896 impressions. Xerox registered 75,530,947 impressions. What’s interesting is that despite bringing in more than five times as many mentions as Xerox, IBM didn’t drastically outperform its competition in exposure. Cleary, Xerox has some heavy hitters talking about the brand in social, which would be valuable for the Xerox team to investigate.

Social Media Face Off: IBM vs. Xerox image IBM vs Xerox ubreVU exposure

Winner: IBM

Overall Winner: IBM

With wins in mentions and exposure, we declare the winner of this Social Media Face Off to be IBM. Looks like the brand is building a better tomorrow, in social.

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