Everything You Fear About Platforms Is Wrong


How One Critic Got It 180-degrees Backward—and Why It Matters for the Rest of Us

Every now and then I read something so ridiculous I think, this must be a joke. But then I read deeper and realize, no, sadly, the writer is serious.

Business man hiding face with box

Courtesy of iStock/DIMUSE

That happened to me the other day when I read an article about why platform-building supposedly “threatens to throttle the church.”

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The cheese stands alone: Where ‘Playboy’ gets modern sexuality wrong




When, in 2015, people picture Playboy as a crumpled magazine under a set of rusted mattress springs, something is wrong.

In an attempt to refresh, the men’s X-rated lifestyle publication announced Tuesday it would publish nudes no more, starting March 2016, leaving its future exposed and vulnerable to a wider but perhaps less dedicated audience.

In a nutshell, the geriatric brand could not compete with the Internet’s endless, millennial-driven supply of bizarre, hardcore and fetishist pornPlayboy‘s kitschy, objectifying pinups are out of touch with today’s wide and discerning pornography landscape. Read more…

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