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Has Pando missed the heart of the Uber problem? A transportation industry expert writes…


Editor’s note: In response to my article on Convoy, “the Uber of trucking,” Pando received the following response from Hubert Horan, by one of the early advisers/architects of the trucking deregulation in the 1970s and a well-known transportation industry expert

The  letter is fascinating, insightful, and critical. I don’t agree with his characterizations of some of my arguments; but I do agree with his own arguments and explanations in this letter, and more than that, I appreciate the time and serious effort Horan put into this letter to educate all of us. Few people in America have his decades-long industry perspective and his unique political insights on the politics of transportation, antitrust, markets, and tech. Here’s the letter in full.

-Mark Ames

Has Pando missed the heart of the Uber problem?

As an avid Pando subscriber/supporter, I wanted to raise some serious concerns with your November 4th Convoy post…

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Senator Franken writes to Uber CEO demanding answers on smear campaign against Pando, others


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.47.57 PMOh boy. As if the scandal around Uber’s threats to monitor and smear critics in the media weren’t serious enough. A few minutes ago, Senator Al Franken published a letter to CEO Travis Kalanick demanding an explanation of the company’s policies around user data and how that data might be used to attack Pando’s Sarah Lacy and other journalists.

The letter begins:

Dear Mr Kalanick:

I am writing in regard to reports of recent comments and actions by top Uber executives concerning journalists. The reports suggest a troubling disregard for customers’ privacy including he need to protect their sensitive geolocation data.

The involvement of Senator Franken, who is Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology, and the Law, marks a significant escalation in Uber’s woes. What previously was a major PR scandal just potentially became a significant legal and political crisis as well.

Certainly one thing is clear: This story is not going away.

Here’s the full letter: