Wrapping Up June’s Global Edition of Social Media Week 2015


The inaugural June edition of Social Media Week has come to a close. Three amazing conferences took place in Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Rome, each bringing together leading minds and organizations in advertising, technology, entertainment, and media.

Los Angeles

Social Media Week Los Angeles kicked off the week in style with their annual #Social25 Party honoring 25 influential individuals spanning technology and Chief Executives to celebrities and social media superstars. For the rest of the week, #SMWLA trended each day in Los Angeles. Speakers included Michelle Phan, Ze Frank (BuzzFeed), Nash Grier, Josh Darnit, Cassey Ho, Andrew Adashek (Twitter), and over 150 other leading individuals!

Ze Frank of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures encouraged content creators to invest in video content, especially with diverse, young, creative talent to produce stories and videos. Frank also wants to eliminate the industrial assembly-line work environment. He believes hiring multi-disciplinary talented individuals will ultimately produce stronger content more efficiently. More insights from Ze Frank’s opening SMWLA session can be found here.

With an event as big as Social Media Week, it’s relevant to discuss the role of social media with live events. From conferences and tradeshows to awards ceremonies and sporting events, attendees and viewers alike are starting to pay more attention to their devices rather than their television, or possibly even the action right in front of their eyes. Speakers from MTV, Mashable, Logo, and Comedy Central shared some best practices for using social media during live entertainment events. You can see the four tips from that session here.

We’ll continue to publish articles from the sessions and events that took place around the Social Media Week globe this June. Whether you attended the events and just want to re-live the experience, or couldn’t make it and want to put yourself in an attendee’s shoes, we’ll bring this exciting week of content and thought leadership directly to you throughout the next week!


Mexico City

Social Media Week welcomed Mexico City to the global lineup of events this June. In its first year, Mexico City attracted speakers from Google, Twitter, BuzzFeed, Samsung, and Audi, as well as 50 other leaders across a variety of industries and markets. We heard from YouTube creators in Mexico discuss the journey of creating content on YouTube, and developing an engaged audience full of loyal fans and customers. Attendees of “Conversations with YouTubers, Discovering the Power of Influence” also heard from leading figures on the Internet of Things (IoT) discussing the role of advertising in IoT connectivity, and whether or not it will survive the digital and social era.

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In Rome, one of the most popular sessions, “Innovation Is A Game (Online)” focused on social and mobile gaming, looking into the virtual world of skill, challenges, rewards, and multi-player connectivity. We also heard from leading PR individuals share their expertise on the new wave of online PR, a world where 38% of consumers use social media to decide which car to purchase. Influencers are called this for a reason, because they “influence” others, especially online. The session, “New Frontiers of Digital PR” examined the effectiveness of brands successfully communicating its values, mission, products, and services to others​​.

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