“Trade your expectations for appreciation and your world changes instantly.” -Tony Robbins. [Photo]

Photo Post "Trade your expectations for appreciation and your world changes instantly." -Tony Robbins.

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India has the world’s most polluted cities, yet the world doesn’t pay attention




While Beijing’s residents can now breathe a little easier after days of dangerous smog, Delhi’s residents are still enmeshed in a haze that offers no relief.

Last weekend, as a gray smog converged onto Beijing, news headlines and social media users all focused on Beijing’s highest air pollution level in over a year. Yet, while the U.S. Embassy’s reading of Beijing’s air pollution on Monday found a measure of more than 600, it measured an off the charts 999 in New Delhi on its air quality index just two days prior. Further while Beijing’s smog has since blown away, Delhi’s air quality measure on Friday is still in the “very unhealthy” range at 224 Read more…

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