How to Keep Your Energy Up During the Workday #ad #RefreshersRun

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This post is sponsored by Starbucks Refreshers.

How to Keep Your Energy Up During the Workday

While in the workplace over the course of an eight hour day, you may find yourself zapped for energy. Attending meetings, conducting phone conferences, and tackling your to-do list can certainly leave you feeling drained, all before lunchtime. It is important to utilize tips that keep your energy going throughout the day so that you work smarter, not harder. I have a few things in mind that you can do throughout your workday that can help keep up your stamina so you get the job done well.

How to keep your energy up during the workday? Here’s some words of advice:

45/15 Rule

In order to continue a healthy oxygen flow and help keep your fortitude throughout your day, you can utilize my 45/15 rule. It goes like this: for every 45 minutes of work, you do 15 minutes of movement. This can be something as simple as walking in place while on a call, stretching in your office, lifting small weights while on hold—anything that gets you moving and out of your seat. Doing so will increase endorphins that can help keep your energy up so you won’t burn out while at work.

Say Yes to the Afternoon Hump

At work, the hours between 2pm and 3pm can be the worst. Opt for snacks that act as super-foods (like peanuts) which can naturally increase energy levels. Say no to those drinks that offer you a huge boost of energy but come with horrible side effects, and make the most of your afternoon so you can clock out and enjoy the rest of your evening post-work. In my home office, I turn that negative into a positive with Starbucks Refreshers, which helps get me over the afternoon hump. They are made with real fruit juice and give you the same caffeine coffee offers without the “coffee” flavor.

Starbucks Refreshers

You can also beat the afternoon blahs by getting up and moving around the office. Take the steps while on break and go outside and get some fresh air. Walk to your manager’s office instead of sending an email. This can help keep your blood flowing and your energy up.

Eat a Healthy Lunch

Opting for takeout or a heavy lunch can cause you to crash later. Go for a lighter lunch that is healthier for you and try to avoid takeout when you can. Pack your lunch and bring salads and wraps with you to work. Fruits and veggies are also natural foods that can help increase your energy level and ensure that you have more pep in your step.

Take a Multi Vitamin

Taking a multi vitamin as directed not only helps boost your immunity, but can also help increase your energy level. Talk to your physician or pharmacist about a multi vitamin that is right for you, and watch your vitality improve.

Now that you’ve got my words of advice on how to keep your energy up during the workday, it is time for you to put them to the test. For revitalizing energy while at work, be sure to make a #RefreshersRun to get Starbucks Refreshers. They are offered in an array of flavors (Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Acai, and Raspberry Pomegranate) and are available to purchase in cans at your favorite Starbucks location or at a local retailer near you.

When you have the cans readily nearby, you can concentrate on work refilling your cup when needed. Chill the cans in the office refrigerator, or keep them at your desk and use over ice. Either way, you are refreshed quickly with flavor (and only 90 calories per can so no guilt, either!).

Please visit Starbucks Refreshers for more information.

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With a revitalizing blend of sparkling fruit juices, B vitamins and ginseng, Starbucks Refreshers™ has all the goodness you need to get the most out of today.

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This post is sponsored by Starbucks Refreshers.

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#AD Don’t Let a Migraine Ruin Your Workday #MigraineRelief #Migraine

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Migraine Awareness Month

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a package of Stopain Migraine for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

Since it is Migraine Awareness Month, I wanted to share something with you. I have been a migraine sufferer most of my adult life, and I’ve tried my share of various “remedies” on the market as well. Everything from prescription pills, to natural medicine, to limiting certain foods. If it’s been touted to ease my migraine pain, then I’ve tried it. Some things worked. Most things didn’t—and even over time if it did work, it would stop after a while. So I learned to just live with it.

The thing about migraines is they hit you without warning most times. And before you know it, you are experiencing pain that is unlike none other. It’s pain that is hard to describe if you’ve never had a migraine before. People sometimes tease that it’s just a headache, but us migraine sufferers know that it is more than a headache. It is debilitating and can wreak havoc on your day.

Back in my corporate days, I had my share of migraines while at work. Sometimes, I would close my office door and try to work through them. Other times, I literally had to turn off all of the lights and lay down at my desk. And if I it was really bad, I had to call off sick and leave for the rest of the day, as the pain was unbearable. Trying to work through a migraine is hard—and excruciatingly painful.

But, there’s help. You don’t have to suffer in silence with migraines. What if I told you that there’s a homeopathic migraine remedy available that doesn’t contain aspirin, caffeine, or acetaminophen?

Stopain Migraine is a topical pain relieving gel created for migraine pain relief, a safe alternative to other pain relievers on the market. To apply Stopain Migraine, simply put the gel on your fingers, then place the gel on your neck and behind your ears (make sure to follow the instructions on the box verbatim for best results), and voila—relief! You can also watch the video below for instructions:

Migraine Awareness Month

I love the cool, soothing feeling I experience when Stopain Migraine is applied. It helps to remove the ache of the migraine, and calms it down considerably. When used at the onset of the migraine, it provides fast pain relief.

You can keep Stopain Migraine in your purse, briefcase, and desk so that you are always prepared at work if a migraine attacks. You can also keep one on hand at home as well.

Here are additional benefits of using Stopain Migraine:

  • provides fast relief
  • safe and effective formula
  • no dyes or preservatives
  • precision dosing system
  • no known drug interactions

If you are looking for something that is safe and homeopathic to use for migraine relief, I highly recommend Stopain Migraine.

Stopain Migraine is available at Walmart stores and  To learn more about Stopain Migraine, visit and LIKE the brand on Facebook

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Now that I’ve used Stopain Migraine regularly as needed, I’m a believer.

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This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a package of Stopain Migraine for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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