The 12 Most Popular Pets on the Web [WOOF]


Earlier this year, Facebook reported that 83 million accounts on its massive social site are fake. And 23 million of those accounts are non-human entities, such as animals.

While one out of 10 pets has a social media profile, there are a couple of pets that have claimed worldwide fame. The most famous cat on Twitter, @sockington, has more than 1.4 million followers. And you can’t put together a list of famous social pets without mentioning Facebook’s beloved Boo, who has more than 5 million Likes and counting.

But these animals’ fame isn’t limited to the interwebs. YouTube’s favorite boxed cat Maru used his viral fame to land a starring role in a Uniqlo ad campaign.

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Woof! Meow! 25 Animals Dressed Like Other Animals [PICS]


1. Giraffe Dog

Image courtesy of Etsy, hatz4brats

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Whether your pet is suffering from an identity crisis or just practicing for the witness protection program, Halloween gives Fido the opportunity to transform into a completely different species. Give Fluffy a trunk and big, floppy ears, and she’ll fit right in while trampling through the African bush.

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Find inspiration for your pet’s Halloween alter ego — or costum-uflage, if you will — by scampering through the above gallery, which features 25 animals dressed like other animals.

Happy Halloweening, dogs and cats…and lizards, guinea pigs and hamsters!

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