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Woobox Prize Claim App Helps Facebook Page Admins Reward Contest Winners


The flurry of applications aimed at taking advantage of Facebook’s recent relaxation of its restrictions on promotions and contests continued with another release by Woobox, Prize Claim App, a follow-up to the Pick a Winner app the developer released late last month.

Prize Claim App allows page administrators to post prize claim links, along with the profile pictures of the winners, who can then click the “claim prize” button and collect their bounty.

Page admins can also, as detailed in a blog post by Woobox:

  • Set a deadline for winners to claim their prizes.
  • Request necessary information from winners, such as email addresses or shipping addresses.
  • Pick new winners if prizes go unclaimed.
  • Provide details that are only visible to winners.
  • Add prize restrictions.
  • Customize elements such as like gates, winner gates, and thank you pages.
  • Add fields to collect additional information, such as phone numbers, or age verification.
  • Thank winners for participating in the contest or promotion.

Page admins who run contests and promotions: Would Woobox’s Prize Claim App be a useful tool for you?

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Woobox Lets Facebook Page Admins Allow Voting On Contests Via Likes


Amid all of the hubbub about Facebook’s recent announcement that third-party applications were no longer required to create contests or promotions, the social network’s lifting of its restriction on pages using likes and comments as a means of contest entry commanded nowhere near the same level of attention, but Facebook app developer Woobox introduced a way for page administrators to take advantage of this new capability.

Woobox users can now enable visitors to their Facebook pages to vote in photo and video contests via like, simply by choosing “vote by Facebook liking” when setting up their contests, instead of adding vote buttons.

Each Facebook user is automatically restricted to one vote, according to Woobox, and users will not have to authorize apps in order to vote using this method.

On the page admin side, the same user data will be available as for contests that deploy the vote button.

Woobox said in a blog post announcing the feature:

“Why is this a big deal?” you ask? Because voting doesn’t have the same engagement potential as liking does. Liking is more social — and more apt to end up in your fan’s News Feeds — resulting in higher engagement levels and increased traffic to your Facebook page. Asking fans to like a photo or video as a means of voting provides the opportunity for that content to live outside of the confines of the contest. Depending on the individual’s privacy settings, content that they like could show up on their Timeline, providing a whole new set of eyeballs access to your contest.

Page admins: How have you adapted to the new freedoms Facebook recently introduced for promotions and contests?

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