Hong Kong’s Goldfish Market is bizarre and wonderful




I always loved going to the pet store and getting a new fish to add to my little aquarium as a kid. The store attendant would expertly snatch up my new friend with a small net, and quickly drop it into the plastic bag of water

The Goldfish Market in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, has no time for that. This street market which spans a few blocks of Tung Choi Street North, has racks and racks of goldfish and tropical fish hanging in their makeshift ponds, waiting for you to pick them up like baggage claim

There is not just goldfish either. You’ll find exotic friends of Nemo, baby turtles, and even tiny seahorses. Read more…

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The Whimsical and Wonderful World of Tree Illustration Art


tree guitarTo celebrate the Internal Year of Forests in 2011, Italian artist Toni Demuro designed 238 clever tree-themed illustrations he went on to exhibit around the world last year. Demuro has some very creative works which often branch similarities between trees and other familiar objects, like the veins of a cardiovascular system, both pumping life into our environment! In other pieces, he shows how trees are intertwined with our daily lives and surrounding building architecture.

Each illustration is thought-provoking, and some are just really hilarious. So enjoy his creations, you can find more of Toni’s work on his blog, Behance with choice works also available for purchase here.

elephant tree

tree stroller

tree planet

tree shadows

tree veins

tree cardiovascular

tree sports


tree window

tree stars

tree bike

tree reading

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