Wonder Workshop Teaches Children to Code Using App, Robots


Wonder Workshop, a company focused on robotics and hands-on play for children, has announced the release of its Wonder app on iOS devices, aimed at teaching children computer science through the appropriately-titled ‘Wonder’ coding language. The app connects to Wonder Workshop’s real-world robots, named Dash and Dot, and allows users to program actions for the robots using cues within the app.

Designed for children eight and up, the Wonder app offers level-based challenges, which focus on teaching the robots to perform specific ‘behaviors,’ like activating sounds or animations, by connecting behaviors with ‘cues.’ These cues can be things like button presses or hand claps, as examples.

Wonder Robot

These level-based challenges allow the robots to learn new abilities, while a Free Play mode encourages children to experiment on their own with the abilities they’ve unlocked, and create new behavior strings for the robots to complete.

In a statement, Vikas Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop, commented:

Coding and robotics are 21st century building blocks that give children the power to create, be curious and succeed. We’ve developed a language that gives our plans and intent an immediate visual form with the touch of a finger. This intuitive interface will help every child discover robotics as never before, and bring robots like Dash and Dot to life with their creativity.

The Wonder app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is coming to Android later this month. By downloading the app before purchasing the robots, parents can get an idea of what their children can expect if they do invest in the products.

Alongside this launch of the Wonder app, Wonder Workshop has released the Dot robot (the smaller of the two) as a standalone product, priced at $ 49.99. Dot comes with games children can play immediately, but can also be programmed by children as they learn to do so. Dash, meanwhile, is the larger robot, and is available for $ 149.99. Users can purchase a bundle containing both Dot and Dash for $ 199.95. Additional accessories are available to purchase on the Wonder Workshop website.

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Wonder PL Offers An Alternative to the Cluttered YouTube Experience



In the modern YouTube browsing experience, there are a lot of distractions. Pre-roll ads inject themselves between you and the content, in-stream ads cover the content, and the suggested videos can be wildly off point. Not to mention the comments section. Any brand that aspires to higher-quality content and better presentation may want to consider Wonder PL.

Wonder PL is (for now) an iOS-only app that promises simplicity and a distraction free environment for videos. A basic account is free for both viewer and creator. Or there’s a paid package for content creators who want to monetize, which gives users access to more storage and the royalty free music service at the cost of $ 300 per year.

For businesses, Wonder PL is a way to host your video content online without using YouTube infrastructure, which can be buggy at the best of times. And if the Cheerios ads are anything to go by, it’s very easy for the brand message to get derailed by a rambunctious comments section.

Wonder PL is much more interested in offering a boutique experience, as compared to YouTube’s Walmart and Vimeo’s Target. “We created a home for the world’s best video content to share with a discerning audiences. One that cares about quality and deserves a viewing experience free from clutter,” according to the official website.

So while Wonder PL may not unseat the likes of YouTube and Vimeo, it’s not really trying to. By appealing to a niche audience, the app may actually carve out a bigger slice of video content than it intends. Imagine if video ad creators were able to create high-quality brand content that was untouched by other advertising, comments or videos.

Branded content could stand on its own merits and deliver the message it was supposed to.

*image via http://wonderpl.com

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