4 Things Twitter Wishes You Would Do on Twitter


Social media gurus are quick to tell you what you should be doing on Twitter. But what does Twitter say about all this advice? If you want to improve your success with Twitter, it helps to pay attention to what the platform itself is identifying and recommending. Recently, Twitter and research firm DB5 conducted a […]

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Banksy Wishes You a Happy Halloween and Says ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper’


Halloween can be a scary time, you have folks walking around dressed up like monsters as if they were simulating some sort of haunting Facebook game of Candy Crush in real life. But just like the old Blue Öyster Cult legend suggests, “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” especially one happily riding around in a bumper cart!

See for yourself in this classic new Banksy video dropped on YouTube, just before the artist’s New York City “residency” comes to a conclusion at the end of October.

dont fear the reaper

grim reaper bumper car