Top Items and Great Picks for Winter Fashion


There’s no denying it. Fight as much as you might like, but it’s time to relegate those open-toed  sandals to the back of the wardrobe and dig out the woolly scarf – Christmas lights have come to a street near you and winter is here. But fear not, because if the changing season affords any comfort, it’s the fact we can indulge in the season’s fashion and shop for a lovely new outfit. And yes, we know it’s an expensive time of year for all concerned but, with the help of, we’ve located a few key pieces that will get you ready for the cold snap without making your purse shiver in fear. What’s even better is that all the items are available online, meaning the hassle of sweating in overcrowded changing rooms is a thing of the past – winter fashion is just a click away.


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There’s nothing like a new coat to make you feel better about the absence of sun, and it’s sensible to invest in a good style – after all, it’s possibly the item you’ll be wearing most all winter. Finding that piece of outwear that suits your shape whilst also making a statement will secure your fashionista credentials, which is why we’re coveting this gorgeous number from Kaliko. The length is flattering, the funnel neck is on-trend, and the beautiful rich berry shade will stand out on any grey day.


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Some decent jeans will be your go-to saviour over the colder months, and so investing in a pairshouldn’t even feel like spending money. And for a new style we always head to denim-Mecca GAP, where there are tons of options depending on shape, leg and waist. Now, during this time of year it’s likely you won’t want to be tugging on skinny jeans, so it’s time to branch out with a new style. You’ve heard of Boyfriend Jeans, but what about Girlfriend Jeans? They rock with their slouchy-chic combined with a hint of tailoring, and this on-trend indigo pair will take you striding into 2016.


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If there’s one thing that makes getting up on a frosty morning easier, it’s the thought of pulling on a cosy knitted sweater. Not only that, but they hide any newly acquired lumps and bumps accumulated from too many pigs-in-blankets (a serious concern at this time of year). We LOVE this beauty from GANT – the cream goes with everything, it’s made from lambswool, and has a classic crewneck and cabling with saddled shoulders.


Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.10.23Christmas Season = Party Season, so embrace it! Having a cheeky little number in your desk drawer will ensure you never get caught short, and there’s something mood-lifting about popping on a jazzy frock for festive drinks. A key trend this season is metallic, and this dress from Boohoo covers all bases. We love the sweetheart neckline and modest hem that makes it suitable for a number of occasions, while the gold shimmer gives it that extra party vibe.

So there you go – the start of your winter capsule wardrobe. All these items can be purchased from the comfort of your sofa and, with the help of, you can save money on each piece of new season fashion. Better pour ourselves a mulled wine and get browsing then…

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Winter Haircare from the Experts – Jo Hansford

With winter approaching, Rebecca Anne Milford goes to hair care mecca Jo Hansford in Mayfair and finds out how to give hair a lift when the seasons are winding down.
Although there are many reasons to grumble about the approaching winter (and goodness knows, we Brits do), I secretly adore parts of the colder seasons. I think my favourite time for fashion has to be autumn, when all the chunky knits and berry colours are resplendent in shop windows, making me feel cosy just looking at them. It’s a time for change – a time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and think about how you want to go forward with style. And, naturally, this applies to hair too.
I have blonde hair, highlighted, and in summer it turns into a mess of beachy waves, sun bleached to a shade Pammy would be proud of, able to look dishevelled and unkempt in pub gardens and foreign climates. But, since the autumn comes along, I am aware I need a new look. And I also need to make sure I protect it. So, I went along to Jo Hansford in Mayfair to find out what was best to do.
The salon itself is gorgeous – all calming greys and classic shining silvers, with the odd spotlight adding a glamorous touch. Minimalist, stylish chic, it was opened in 1993 by Jo Hansford, the much admired ‘First Lady of Colour’, who counts HRH Duchess of Cornwall, Elizabeth Hurley and Natalie Imbruglia as her fans. The salon has been awarded the title of ‘Best Hair Salon in Mayfair’ by the Mayfair Awards, and Jo Hansford herself has an MBE for outstanding service to the hairdressing industry. So basically, I had come to the perfect place.
A Warmer Highlighted Look for the Cooler Season
Today I’m being looked after by Creative Director Jaclyn Smith, and we discuss the options for improving my colour. Now we’re going into a new season she tells me one popular choice that she recommends for blondes and brunettes alike is the need to break up the block of hair by adding some key ribbons of colour. This will add depth and warmth, making my whole look more tonal.
There are two ways to do this, and we choose the more time efficient strategy – to add a half head of highlights throughout, and then go over the whole head at the end with a kind of base breaker, to marry it together.
First she checks my existing tones, referring to the hairline for my natural colour and then also the colours that are flowing throughout. After checking two different base colours Jaclyn recommends the deeper shade, since after shampooing it can fade, and I still want the warmth there.
So, we’ve chosen a highlight and a lowlight, and the half head begins. Jaclyn is a pro, and so is adept at threading the colours through with speed and expertise. It’s left to develop and then I’m taken over to the sinks, having it washed out section by section.
After this the base breaker is applied – a tonal colour that can bring all the hues together in one melodious, warm blonde. So, the result? From this first image, to the second two (complete with an absolutely lovely blow-dry from stylist Michaela.)
The colour is warmer, while still having brighter gold streaks running through that catch the light and lift the whole head of hair. Absolutely LOVE my autumnal look for the new season!
So, what about Brunettes and Redheads? 
A popular way for brunettes to warm up this season is through ‘strobing’. This is when a lighter brown is used in beams around the face to brighten up the hairline. When skin gets paler in the winter then hair colour often needs enhancing, and so this technique is ideal. A great option for redheads is the use of vegetable colour – this allows for a non-toxic treatment to change the tone of the hair. Not only is it non-permanent, and so can be experimented with, but it has a luscious high-shine that really invigorates the colour at this time of year. It’s especially good for those with mousy coloured hair that want to add a noncommittal, luxuriant shade to dull hair.
Hair Saviours for Winter
We all know what it’s like in winter – there’s no more casually letting your barnet drip dry in the sun, and over styling and drying means it’s a prime time for strand breakage. It’s essential to ensure that hair stays nourished during the colder seasons, and Jo Hansford are using a new and rather groundbreaking technique for those with weakened hair that’s prone to breaking. Olaplex is a new product that people are going mad for in the States – and for good reason. It actually multiplies the bonds in your hair, working from the inside out to soften, revitalise and strengthen. It’s wonderful for repair and allows colour to hold better. Could this be the end of bad hair days? Quite possibly!
Autumn and Winter Trends
The most prominent trend when going into colder seasons is to add depth and richer tones to the hair. And warmer roots are still very fashionable, with hair fading at the ends – so long as the condition doesn’t look dry.  Apparently some of the most frequently requested colours are from Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and Jessica Biel.
    Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 10.47.36
The latter is rocking the ‘Ecaille colour’ – touted as the new Ombre. The word means ‘tortoiseshell’, and Jaclyn says that ‘Ecaille is a healthy and glossy update for Ombre fans or those who felt it was too stark for their style. Ecaille gives hair a soft, multi-tonal look without any harsh lines to compliment your natural tones.’ I can see this continuing to be a high hit in 2016, so book yourself in at Jo Hansford and be ahead of the game!
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