Go for Gold! How to Write a Winning Award Submission


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Author: Katie Pope

And the winner is…

Get your ball gowns and dress suits ready—award season is just around the corner: the Oscars, the Grammys, and, of course, the Revvies, Marketo’s annual award program. No matter what department or industry you’re in, awards are a way to build credibility and generate positive PR for you and your company. Think back to your childhood soccer team’s end-of-the-year party when awards were passed out. Everyone wanted to be the MVP and get recognized as the best player on the team. Well, that’s just what the Oscars, Grammys, and Revvies do—recognize and celebrate the top candidates that blow their competition out of the water. And that can be you.

Winning an award enables you to share your stories with peers and others, and get you and your company recognition you deserve. But before you start planning your acceptance speech, the first step to winning an award is the award submission itself.

Here are five suggestions for putting together a great submission:

1. Back up your success with metrics

This one should be obvious. Going back to the soccer example, simply stating that Johnny scored a lot of goals this season doesn’t provide much context. Now support that with metrics and Johnny scored 25 goals this season–more than anyone else on the team. Wow, how impressive! That’s because metrics are a clear differentiator.

Particularly in marketing, reporting and analytics provide data-driven insights and measureable results, and are the key reason that the CMO now has a seat at the revenue table. Not only does this build your company’s case for marketing activities and budget, but it can also help establish your team as an industry leader by leading by example and showcasing your results.

2. Captivate your audience

The summary section of your award application is often the most important part of the submission because it sets the stage for the rest of your submission. It needs to hook the audience into reading through and remembering your entire submission. Keep in mind the committee is going through hundreds of submissions—this is your opportunity to creatively stand out. Make sure you cover key information that sets you apart, including your main points, metrics, and any other relevant information.

3. Paint the picture

Looking back on life events, you may not remember exact conversations but you will remember how they made you feel. This is important to keep in mind while writing your submission. Within the actual submission, tell the story from your perspective, just as you would in conversation. When the committee is reading the submission, your submission should aim to evoke emotion—they should feel your pains, trials, and successes just as you did.

4. Provide other perspectives

While it’s certainly important for you and your team to realize and share the value you are achieving, when other teams within your organization also realize the value you and your team provide—your sales team, your executive team, your account managers—it gives you external, unbiased validation. Pull in quotes from some key stakeholders outside of your team, such as a vice president or a sales representative, who can vouch for your work to give your submission even more credibility.

5. Use video

If a picture speaks 1,000 words, a video speaks…well, more than 1,000. There is no better way to tell a story than from your own mouth. If the award submission form permits, include a link to a video that complements your submission. Videos are a much easier, quicker, and stronger way to consume information, with a humanistic touch that brings the story to life.

Now you’re all set to submit the best award submission yet! Regardless of what award you’re submitting for make sure to put these tips to work. Looking for a way to take them for a spin? Check out the 2016 Revvie Awards. Submit by January 30th for a chance to be recognized as a marketing leader who’s used Marketo to drive the new era of marketing. Plus, you’ll get a chance to walk the Purple Carpet at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit!


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Karl Rove doesn’t Care About Ben Carson Winning. He Cares About Ted Cruz Losing.


There are worse people to have influence on this country than liberals, believe it or not. The moderate Republican Establishment has been systematically attempting to destroy the conservative movement for years with more effort put in by them than the Democrats and Karl Rove is among the worst in the group.

I don’t believe that Rove hates America. I think he has bought into the false notion that people like Mitt Romney and John McCain are better suited to win an election and run the country than people like Ted Cruz who believe in conservatism as the core belief that can turn this country around. He’s now going so far as to loosely support Ben Carson by giving him access to his “rolodex” of Republican donors in an effort to put the conservative vote behind someone that Rove feels cannot win the nomination.

Mainstream media latched onto the narrative that Rove was doing this to fight Donald Trump. They took to this narrative hook, line, and sinker as Rove had planned. So far, only Erick Erickson has caught onto the truth that Rove has no fear of Trump but rather sees Cruz as the likely winner in the conservative lane and therefore the biggest threat to his chosen Republican Establishment poster boy Marco Rubio.

It isn’t strictly about his goals to put another moderate up as a sacrifice to the Democratic election machine. It isn’t some lame adherence to the insanity that people like Bob Dole, McCain, Romney, and Rubio have the best chance to win. It’s personal with Rove. He truly hates Cruz. He has attacked Cruz in the past and despite being addressed by the Cruz campaign and proven to be a liar by conservative media, he will do anything in his power to prevent Cruz from ascending to the White House even if it means putting his chosen stooge up to lose to the Democrats.

Karl Rove doesn’t want Carson to win. He doesn’t think that either him or Trump have a realistic shot at the nomination. He also knows that if either or both would fade, that Cruz would be catapulted to the lead and would not be likely to release it. This scares people like Rove more than any other candidacy, even Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It would be devastating to his do-nothing group of moderate Republicans who keep big government big and corporate America rich.

To Rove, a Cruz Presidency is more dangerous than a Democratic Presidency because it would reveal that Rove’s Republican Establishment has been wrong since 1989. It would demonstrate that success on the campaign trail doesn’t require milquetoast candidates and it would show the world that a strong, conservative leader can do more than a Bush or Clinton any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays.

Karl Rove feels that Ted Cruz will debunk the tenets of the Republican Establishment. He would rather lose the general election with Rubio than to win the White House with an actual conservative.