Is Your Professional Services Firm Playing to Win—or Just Playing Head Games?


Professional Services

Player One, get ready – it’s time for Head Games!

The first level will reveal profound disconnects between your professional services firm and its target audiences. Be prepared to leap over gaps in perception, swing wildly at low hanging fruit, and miss opportunities (because they’re invisible at this level).

Come to think of it, this is a terrible game. Luckily, it’s not the only game in town.

Beating the Game

At Hinge, we’ve beaten every level of Head Games and written the ultimate guide to escaping its cruel traps. In our newest book, Inside the Buyers Brain, we show you how to unlock secret levels. We uncover hidden opportunities, show you which competitors you’re really up against (you might be surprised), and reveal the tools you’ll need to succeed.

Let’s drop the game metaphor for a moment and take a look at your professional services firm’s business landscape. You know what you can accomplish and, you think, so do your clients. But many prospects don’t have the insider knowledge that you do. After all, do you know every single thing your clients do? Of course not. And even if you told each other, in exhausting detail, where all of your proficiencies lie, neither side would likely have the respective specialized knowledge to truly judge the other’s capabilities.

So, if it’s this hard for your prospects to know just how you can address their needs, what hope is there of closing the deal?

Level Up Your Reputation

This is where your reputation comes in. Past clients, regardless of how little they may know about your industry, know how you worked, what problems you solved for them, and the manner in which you did it. They understand that, in your field, you are an expert. You’ve proven this by serving them well in the past.

Inside the Buyer’s Brain reveals the disconnect between buyers and sellers of professional services, and it shows you how to build your reputation—how to become visible to the prospects you’re most likely to mesh with.

You can go on playing Head Games—keep feeding quarters into the machine without racking up much of a score—or you can take your professional services firm to the next level. Download the free ebook, Inside the Buyer’s Brain, for a real life game changer.

Brand Strategy Infographic – An infographic by the team at Hinge

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