In a Country that is Willfully Betraying its Values, Guns are the Scapegoat for Violence


The liberal media, the White House, and the Democratic candidates can ignore reality all they want, but American’s cannot allow the facts to be obscured. Guns nor gun laws are to blame for the massacre in San Bernardino, CA. A political atmosphere that betrays our Judeo-Christian value system is demonstrably the root cause.

If the narrative that weak gun laws cause violence was true, then we wouldn’t see the rise in violence that is clearly present in American society. Gun laws have not gotten more lenient over the years. They have remained relatively stagnant in most places and have become more harsh in some. It doesn’t take a statistician to see that the trends do not match the rhetoric of the gun control crowd.

If one were to equate harsher gun laws with reduced violence, then Chicago would be the safest place in America and New Hampshire would be a chaotic cesspool of violent criminal activity. That, of course, isn’t the case.

No, the problem with the rise of violence in America can be placed squarely on the shoulders of the political left who choose to ignore the fact that it’s deteriorating values that are causing the rise in violence. It’s political correctness, divisive political agendas, and a shift away from the Judeo-Christian values that once made our country great that are all squarely to blame for what is happening across America.

On this concept, I’d gladly debate anyone.

Mainstream media won’t have it. In fact, many publications will aggressively denounce the solutions and try to shame people into falling for the liberal perspective because they know that the majority of Americans will not look at the situation through the lenses of facts or logic.

The problem is an ironic one because the very thing that we need the most – prayer and a return to values – is the thing that is being attacked the most.

God is the only One who can fix this. In a time when the world is spiraling out of control due to the secular denial of facts and the atheistic propaganda that is indoctrinating anyone who is spiritually weak, we need prayer and faith more than anything else. That concept does not take away from the truth that we are responsible for making it happen. It simply points out that the last thing we need is a reduction in prayer. The other thing we don’t need is a call for gun laws that are similar to California as most Democrats are promoting. Obtuse gun laws did not prevent the tragedy in San Bernardino. On the other hand, if California had gun laws like those in New Hampshire, there’s a chance that the tragic loss of life could have been reduced or avoided altogether.

The calls for stricter laws will continue. If they win out and violence increases as many suspect, then the solution will be even harsher laws. This is the beginning of the trend to push against the Constitution and our core values in favor of the falsehoods of liberalism.