World Wide Web Inventor: I Wasn’t Expecting Kittens




The World Wide Web — which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Wednesday — has undoubtedly ushered in massive innovation in its quarter-life existence but what’s most surprised inventor Tim Berners-Lee is users’ fascination with kittens.

Berners-Lee participated in a Q&A (also known as an AMA or “ask me anything”) on popular message board site Reddit this afternoon and when asked what major reason people use the Internet for that he wasn’t expecting, his answer was simply: “kittens.”

But his answers weren’t all jovial. He provided fascinating insight into the state of the online world, noting he is both “concerned and excited about its future.” He also shared his perspective on Edward Snowden, saying “the whistleblower may be all that saves society.” Read more…

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Seattle is Wide Awake and Beautiful



Foggy Atmosphere by Danny Seidman on

Sleepless in Seattle does not apply this week, as the town readies for their second Super Bowl appearance. If you live in Seattle, or have had the pleasure to visit, I think you’ll agree it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the United States.

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Seattle is the center of King County with a population of only 600K, but the metropolitan area is home to over 4 million. The city is situated between Pugent Sound and Lake Washington, and is 100 miles south of the Canadian border. The Olympic mountains lie to the west and the Cascade Range to the east. The area is very easy on the eyes.

Starbucks,, Nordstrom, Costco, and Microsoft are just a few of the major organizations with headquarters in Seattle. Seattle had been the long time home of Boeing (they make planes), before Boeing moved to Chicago in 2001. Boeing still has two major manufacturing plants where planes are assembled.

Seattle is infamously known for its rain. However, you might be surprised to hear that New York, Washington D.C., and Boston actually receive more precipitation than Seattle annually. If you’re looking for a sunny Seattle, your best chance is from May to September. During the remaining months, you can expect 85% of the days to be cloudy.

Danny Seidman is talented Seattle photographer that concentrates on Seattle and the Northwest. The mountains, water, and crisp skyline make for a landscape photography dream.

Morning Light by Danny Seidman on

Piering at a Rainbow by Danny Seidman on

Downtown Sunset by Danny Seidman on

Floating in the Clouds by Danny Seidman on

Waves of Silk by Danny Seidman on

Featured: Foggy Atmosphere by Danny Seidman

The Seattle Seahawks meet the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday February 2, 2014 in lovely East Rutherford, New Jersey . Head Coach Pete Carroll and Quarterback Russell Wilson lead the Seahawks. The Seahawks only other appearance in the big game came in 2005 (Super Bowl XL) where they fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10.

Peter Carroll and Russell Wilson

Chicago Tribune

Finally, we send you out with Seattle’s finest musical group ever, Pearl Jam. Seattle, and the Seahawks, are definitely “Alive” this week.

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