Ah, whiskey – that amber liquid that has gained so many fans around the globe. Many would call themselves connoisseurs of the spirit, as the various tastes and nuances can vary so exceptionally, while some (including me) are relative novices to the drink. But still, there’s never been a better time to enjoy whiskey – and American whiskey, or bourbon, especially. 

When thinking of American whiskey, it’s easy to imagine the atmospheric river banks of Tennessee – the honky-tonks and dance halls and moonlight bouncing from the water, smells of tobacco drifting from front porches and mouthwatering charcoal scent of barbecued meat. Indeed, one of the most famous whiskies of all time hails from here – a fair few of us will have tasted Jack Daniels at some point during our boozing careers. And here too meat and whiskey are intrinsically linked – nearly 150 years ago a young Mr Jack sold meat and whiskey from a wagon to fund the purchase of his very first distillery. 

To celebrate this unbeatable fusion, Gaucho – one of the best group of steak restaurants in the country – is teaming up with Jack Daniel’s among others, to host a week of events, all toasting whiskey as the perfect accompaniment to meat.Ranging from Jack Daniel’s whiskey and beef masterclasses, to exclusive tastings of new whiskies and an indulgent three course dining experience, this 7 day celebration of American whiskey will run from the 2nd to the 8th November 2015.

The first event takes place next Monday 2nd at Gaucho Piccadilly, where from 7pm – 8pm guests can enjoy a Woodford Reserve Master Class for £20 per person. Bourbon Vs Rye is discussed at Gaucho Chancery Lane on Weds 4th November, while those wanting to really get their teeth into the subject should head to Gaucho Broadgate on Thurs 5th November for An Old Fashioned Dinner with Woodford Reserve, costing £75 per person.

For more information on the rest of the events visit: www.gauchorestaurants.co.uk, or follow @gauchogroup and @JackDanielsUK

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You can do more than just sip Jack Daniels – you can fully show your appreciation for the brand by wearing the logo or decking your drinking den out like one of the famous saloon bars of Lynchburg. 

The folks at Jack Daniels have now launched the first ever Jack Store. Not content with bringing fine, mellow whiskey to our palates, they are now offering fans the chance to buy iconic Jack Daniels clothing such as hoodies, T.shirts and hats, as well as bespoke glassware and specialist memorabilia (and drinks, of course). So if your bar has been needing some cut-glass tumblers, or you know someone who can’t get enough JD in their lives, this could be the online shop for you. You can visit the very stylish website and get browsing for presents and, naturally, the odd gift for yourself at jackdaniels.co.uk

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