Listen to this week’s War Nerd Wednesday podcast, with Gary Brecher and Mark Ames


It’s time for the latest episode of Gary Brecher and Mark Ames’ podcast: War Nerd Wednesdays!

The podcast is funded via Patreon, with all listener contributions going directly to Gary and Mark. So far 312 patrons have pledged a little over $ 2000 per episode.

Pando members can listen to this week’s installment below…

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It’s Wednesday, so Where’s the Podcast? [Announcement]

Announcement Post It’s Wednesday, so Where’s the Podcast?

Thank you for following This Is Your Life! And thank you for making our last season such a success. To get ready for Season 4 we’re taking a short break. We’ll be back on May 6 with episodes you don’t want to miss:

  • The make-or-break trait you must develop if you want success in life.
  • An underestimated but powerful leadership tool possessed by all and used by few.
  • 12 unconventional ways you can use Evernote to save time.
  • One small change in your vocabulary that can make a huge impact on your attitude.

We’ve got these and nine more episodes to help you win at work and succeed at life. Stay tuned!

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