‘Deep Web’ director Alex Winter: Silk Road case wasn’t really about drugs




Ross Ulbricht, the man convicted as being the mastermind behind the black market website Silk Road, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday.

Deep Web, a documentary about Ulbricht and the Silk Road trial, as well as deeper issues such as privacy, digital rights and the role of the government, debuts on Epix on Sunday night.

For Deep Web director Alex Winter, the timing of the release was strictly coincidental. “We had no way of knowing the sentencing [of Ulbricht] would be pushed back by two weeks,” he tells me. As a result of the timing, Winter had to rush to get information to editing crews to add in a final line about Ulbricht’s sentence at the end of the film in time for the Epix premiere. Read more…

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“WEB” Documentary To Launch Globally During Social Media Week


The award-winning documentary film, WEB, will have its much anticipated global release in partnership with Social Media Week. The film, which chronicles children in remote villages in the Andes Mountains and Amazon Jungle gaining access to laptops and the Internet for the first time, is a poignant embodiment of the theme of Social Media Week’s global conference, “Reimagining Human Connectivity.”

Throughout the global conference, WEB will be screened in seven cities around the world, kicking off a global release of the film on online platforms like iTunes and Amazon. As part of Social Media Week, the film will be screened in Berlin, Johannesburg, Miami, Mumbai, London, Rotterdam and Rome, exclusively for conference attendees. If you’re interested in seeing WEB, you can purchase passes to attend the Social Media Week conference nearest you, view the film online, or visit the film’s website for information about hosting you own local screening.

Each of us use social media and online tools in different ways. Whether for work, for play, for education, and for any reason, the Internet is an amazing technology that most of us use daily. These seven cities will host their own WEB event, in a unique setting on a global scale. Rotterdam will empower attendees to discuss the film and its mission through networking and engaged discussions. Rome and Mumbai will incorporate several clips and extended trailers to showcase the documentary. Berlin, London, Johannesburg, and Miami will screen the full-length film for Social Media Week attendees, and open the floor for discussions and questions.

We are excited not only to work with the team behind WEB, but also support the mission of the film, as well as the “One Laptop per Child” (OLPC) program.

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