How to Raise Kids Who Understand Wealth Building


4 Big Takeaways About What Works and Why

Many of you know I have five daughters. I like to joke that I live in an estrogen-rich environment.


Like any group of siblings, they all have ways in which they’re very different and ways in which they’re very similar. One way my daughters are all alike is that they’re very entrepreneurial. Is that a case of nature or nurture?

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Norway’s $900 billion sovereign wealth fund to divest from coal companies




After a unanimous vote by its parliament, Norway’s massive $ 900 billion Government Pension Fund (GPFG) is set to divest from companies involved in coal mining and coal-fired power plants. The divestment move would affect companies that derive more than 30% of their revenues from coal-related activities, and one analysis from three international environmental groups found that this would amount to a total of about $ 8.7 billion

The move is the largest divestment from fossil fuels on record, and is being celebrated by environmental groups that have been stepping up a global campaign toward fossil fuel divestment, from college campuses to religious institutions and now investment funds. The divestment would likely affect about 50 companies and subsidiaries based in the United States. Read more…

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