Ed Sheeran played this $2-a-ticket show, but no one wanted to see him




Poor old Ed Sheeran — he was kind enough to appear in a private peep show for the bargain price of $ 2-per-head, but hardly anyone went to see him.

The cheerful, mop-headed singer took part in the experiment — which saw him waiting behind a red curtain to give lucky punters a private 30-second show — with Australian radio hosts Hamish & Andy last Friday.

It took them over two hours to convince anyone to pay the money to see Sheeran, but after the first couple spread the word business did pick up a bit.

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The Goldilocks bust: We didn’t get the Square IPO we wanted, but the one we deserved


At the beginning of the week I wrote this piece predicted Square would stoke another round of bubble talk. I was right about one thing and very, very wrong about another.

The wrong: I predicted the IPO everyone would be talking about all week would be Square. And then Sean Rad gave one of the worst interviews of the year where he confused Sodomy with Sapiosexuality, threatened a female journalist, and made sure we all knew that (unnamed) supermodels were “begging” to sleep with him. Match Group – much to the truth-bending, chairman Greg Blatt’s chagrin – won the battle of oxygen.

The right: I argued that a tech world that has spent much of the last six months talking itself into a correction, uneasy with this reality…

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