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Trep Wear launches to make it easy for the rest of us to identify tech wankers


Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 6.21.25 PMTime was, if a tech bro wanted to communicate to the world that he was an utter, utter wanker he had to stand in the middle of the Creamery, braying about his location-based anonymous hookup app to everyone in fucking earshot.

Now thanks to the newly launched Trep Wear (“Est. 2014″), displaying your inner – and outer – tosser is as simple as slipping on a lurid purple Ed Hardyesque tshirt emblazoned with the slogan “Be Different, Be Great, Be You.”

According to the company’s “Mission” page:

As you can see, each one of our shirts are a constant reminder of the greatness you hold inside. We want to motivate and inspire you to unleash that greatness. Through our stylish and motivational shirts and apparel, you will be reminded of that potential every time you look in the mirror.

(One certainly gets the impression that Trep wearers look in the mirror more times than the average joe.)

The arrival of Trep’s prêt-a-masturber clothing line is, of course, precisely what I was concerned about when I urged Entrepreneur magazine to stop trying to popularize the word ‘Trep’ as an abbreviation for entrepreneur.

Apparently my warning came too late. And now we have this…
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 6.33.04 PM

Next stop, this…


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Work Wankers: 10 Funny Nicknames and Illustrations of Your Office Colleagues


Got a case of the Mondays? Working can be pretty stressful, and who you work with can have a huge impact on your success and happiness at the office each day.

shoulderbeastWhile many of your colleagues will prove to be a helpful “pair of hands,” now and then others will end up being “moochie” or, even worse, a stalkerish “shoulderbeast” who lingers around your desk and hovers over your every move. Or maybe your coworker is just hovering to potentially partake in some free lunch on the way. Hell, a few of your more bitter and gloomy coworkers might even look to play “idea killer” and murder every one of your great new visions instead of coming up with some fresh ideas of their own. Who can stand such negativity and office politics each day?

So why not make light of it all instead? As the WorkWankers suggests:

You know who they are. Now you know what to call them behind their backs.”


idea killer




name vomitter

panic monster

pair of hands

dinosaur director


Have you met any of these wankers at work? You can also suggest a wanker to be included, and your suggestion just might get added to the crew!