Amwell Online Doctor Visits Provide An Option for Busy Working Parents (Sponsored)

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Amwell Online Doctor Visits Provide An Option for Busy Working Parents

This post is a sponsored conversation for Amwell. All thoughts and options belong to me, and are not indicative of the brand.

When I was in Corporate America working outside of the home, I was grateful to have a pediatrician that had evening hours available as well as Saturday appointments. But evening hours were only one day a week and the office was open only until noon on Saturdays. That meant if my kids got sick or needed to see the doctor in the evening other than the night the doctor was open, or I couldn’t get them into a the quick-filling Saturday appointment slot, I had to take off of work. It’s hard for working parents to find affordable healthcare options for after work hours or weekends.

And I could forget about trying to get in to see my doctor during work hours, it was a difficult thing to do.

So when I got the opportunity to work with Amwell, I knew would be a great fit for this blog. As a working parent advocate, I always want to share tips and tools that can help you be better parents while navigating your personal and professional life. Amwell is an online doctor solution for busy working parents who need to consult a physician from your home, car, desk at work—practically anywhere.


Amwell is also the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with board-certified, licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists for immediate and live, online visits—day or night, on either mobile or desktop. Amwell doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are dedicated to keeping you healthy – all from the comfort of your home on your Apple device.   Doctors on Amwell are board certified, with an average of 15 years in practice, and they are available 24/7, with no appointment needed.


You can consult Amwell’s physicians on a variety of issues including:

•             Bronchitis

•             Cough

•             Sinus infection

•             Sore throat

•             Urinary tract infection

•             Vomiting

•             Diarrhea

•             Fever

•             Pinkeye

•             Flu

•             Sprains and strains

•             Cold

•             Respiratory infection

•             Headache

•             Depression

•             Anxiety

•             Weight concerns

•             Smoking cessation

…and more!


During my online Amwell doctor visit, I discussed my problems sleeping with the physician. Because I travel a lot and oftentimes I suffer from jet lag, there are nights when I have trouble resting at night and getting enough sleep. From a health point of view, I was advised to stop drinking anything with caffeine in it about 3 hours before I plan to go to bed. The doctor also urged me to buy melatonin which can naturally help me fall asleep and get more rest. It was wonderful getting medical advice from a doctor while being in the comfort of my own home.

Still need more convincing? Amwell is the most popular consumer telehealth app worldwide in 2014 according to App Annie, and is also the first telehealth service awarded accreditation by The American Telemedicine Association. With 27/7 365 days a year doctors available when you need them, it’s a service busy parents can use and trust. And what’s more, Amwell doctors can also give you prescriptions, too! Forget navigating in traffic just to wait at the doctor’s office. Amwell saves you time so you can spend more of it with your family.

Get your first Amwell visit free! Use the code BEWELL8.

The Cubicle Chick


Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Visits to Your Retail Website


Pinterest is a social networking site in which users post and share – or pin – pictures. The site’s visual format and user base have unique value for retailers. Though Pinterest has historically been dominated by women, that’s slowly changing as a third of new signups come from men. Twice as many pinners have household incomes over $ 75K, as opposed to those who make less than $ 30K. Understanding your Pinterest followers and using that information to grow your business is a huge opportunity with an estimated reach this year of over 47 million users.

Like any social networking site, though, success depends on speaking to your customers and posting things they are interested in sharing. That’s where Pinterest analytics come in. By understanding the analytics on your Pinterest business account you can maximize your website visits and sales. To help you do that, we’ve created a simple list of Pinterest metrics to monitor.

Top Pins in the Last 30 Days

Many Pinterest users come to the site seeking inspiration. The simplest way to understand what those users are interested in at a certain time is to look at the Top Pins in the Last 30 Days. Use these topics to inspire pins which will reach more people. These pins may highlight your products, or they may be general interest pins – some of which should link to your website – which encourage more people to follow you and drives more visits to your website.


You can also examine your followers’ most popular interests. By learning what your followers like – be it home décor or travel – you can pin more images which fit in those categories. Again, these pins can be general interest pins, repins and images of your products. By connecting your brand with your audience’s interests, you can drive increases in engagement as well as website visits and sales.

West Elm does an excellent job of curating boards to reflect user interests. Take a look at this example. 

Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Visits to Your Retail Website

West Elm includes a variety of images and interests on their boards and many link directly back to the West Elm website which aids in helping their pins surface higher in the Pinterest smart feed which is based on the quality of the pin’s source and relevance of pins.

Within your Pinterest Analytics you can see your audience’s interests. Here is a screen shot of some of VerticalResponse’s followers interests:

Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Visits to Your Retail Website

Having this information is very useful to help you decide what type of boards to create to keep and draw your audience’s attention. 

Top Boards

In addition to strategies based on your audience’s general preferences, Pinterest Analytics can help you understand your own impact. Analytics can help you determine which pins and boards people interact with most, and what appears most in search results. These insights can help you refine your pinning strategy, helping you pin more of what people want and use keywords people are searching for.

Top Boards shows you which of your boards have had the highest interaction – or pin impressions – in the last 30 days. Here are examples from our VerticalResponse account:

Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Visits to Your Retail Website

To maximize the insight you get from this, you’ll need to organize your boards in a meaningful way. Don’t just have one board for all your products, and other boards for general interest pins. Instead, create different boards for different product lines and interests. That way, when you see which boards people are interacting with you can understand which products are resonating most with pinners. This tells you where your approach might benefit from improvement, and which boards you should pin to more for maximum impact. General interest board impressions can give you more information on what your followers are looking for.

Best in Search

Best in Search shows you which of your pins rank highest in search results. Use this information to hone your descriptions and emphasize keywords which help people find your pins and products.

Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Visits to Your Retail Website

Power Pins

Power Pins are your most effective pins. They’ve been repinned, liked and clicked frequently. They probably do well in search results. They speak to and engage your audience. Look for patterns in these pins and pin more interesting content that fits with those patterns.

If you notice pins of a certain subject becoming power pins, consider creating a board about that subject. Post both product and lifestyle content which reflects your brand and links back to your website.

Heather Cleveland is an independent residential designer with almost 6,000 followers. On folders of her designs, her most popular pins deal with kitchens. Because of this, a board of only kitchens has become one of her most pinned boards.

Use Pinterest Analytics to Increase Visits to Your Retail Website

Pinterest can help you understand how your brand resonates with people, but the key to this intelligence lives in your Pinterest Analytics. Get started using Pinterest Analytics here.

Sarah Tanksalvala is a freelance writer specializing in marketing, energy, technology and lifestyle. Published in Forbes, the Denver Post, and more. You can learn more about here at

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