Add Tang to Your Salsa with a Dash of Sherry Vinegar


Add Tang to Your Salsa with a Dash of Sherry Vinegar

If you like to bring unexpected flavors into your cooking, add sherry vinegar to your next salsa. You’ll add a some flavorful zest to your dish, and surprise (and hopefully delight) your guests at the same time.

Chef Julian Medina explains that you can take any tropical fruit—such as mango or pineapple—and toss it in a pan with onions and cilantro. Then add a dash of sherry vinegar and olive oil for a tasty salsa.

You don’t have to worry about the vinegar adding too much acid since sherry vinegar has a more floral flavor than other vinegars. The floral-ness will help highlight the fresh ingredients you use, making everything that much more delicious. For other unusual ideas on how to use vinegar, check out the full post linked below.

Hey Chef, What Else Can I Do with Vinegar? | Serious Eats

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4 Reasons Email Marketing and Your Business Are Not like Oil and Vinegar


On a recent Sunday, I was shopping and happened upon a store selling a huge variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I decided to go in because I’ve got to admit, I love a good olive oil. I was impressed by the massive variety of oils and vinegars on display, but what really blew me away was Mike, the owner of The Olive Crush.

Mike immediately came over and asked me about my favorite oils and vinegars. Upon hearing my answers, he served up some incredible tastings. Mike also shared a simple but impressive recipe I could make with blueberry balsamic, and a marinade recipe made with Tuscan olive oil. He was brimming with ideas, recipes and tips. His excitement about his products was contagious, and before I knew it, I was lining up bottles on the cash wrap to purchase.

Then I asked Mike this question: “You have such awesome products, and you’re a wealth of information, where can I sign up for your email list?” Here’s what I got in response: Crickets. Be still my beating heart. Say it ain’t so… That’s right, olive oil Mike doesn’t have an email list. He said he doesn’t “do” email marketing. I stood there flamboozled. I pleaded with Mike to start an email list so he could send out a newsletter to share all this good olive oil and vinegar mojo he had going. His response? “I’m too tired.” Little did Mike know, he was talking to an email marketing content marketer and advocate. I shared with Mike four simple reasons as to why he should pour himself into email marketing, and reap the rewards. Now, I’ll share them with you:

1. You Have Great Information

Like Mike and his pairings, recipes and olive oil fun facts, your business, products and services have stories of their own and there are lots of people interested in hearing about it, but if you keep it all to yourself, how will they know? Email marketing gives you a quick and easy way to reach a broad audience and provide them relevant and targeted information they desire.

2. Keep Your Biz Top of Mind

Even though I bought a bunch of stuff at The Olive Crush, what’s going to keep the company at top of mind once my products are gone? I could forget them and move on to the next olive oil and vinegar that strikes my fancy. But, if I receive an email in my inbox once a month with some great recipes, tips, and maybe a coupon, I’m more likely to remember the shop the next time my oil and vinegar supplies run dry. I may also be more likely to recommend the shop to my friends and family.

3. Invite People to Your Events

Does your business host events, conferences or special invitation-only activities? Wouldn’t it be much easier to get people to attend your event if you told them about it, and even invited them to it? You could even offer people a special incentive or reward for attending. Email marketing makes this super simple and easy. Mike mentioned he was having a doctor from Stanford speak at his shop to discuss the medical benefits of olive oil. That’s super cool, but not if Mike’s the only one who shows up! Use email marketing to get the word out – It works.

4. Keep People Coming Back

Do you have a special offer or promotion that you use to keep your customers coming back? Mike gives customers one dollar off their next purchase when they return their glass bottles. Wouldn’t it be great to remind customers of this offer a month or so after their purchase, when they might start to run dry? By sending an email like this, Mike could keep those bottles, and his customers coming back again and again.

I’m looking forward to getting my first email from The Olive Crush. Do you have any other reasons as to why or how email marketing has helped your business? Share away in the comments.

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