Ron Conway and friends help expose vile government conspiracy to mock George Lucas


Sometimes the forces of good combine to stun the prevailing darkness and rouse the hearts of the trampled-upon. One such tale arrived in Pando’s mailbox this past weekend from Ron Conway [Disclosure: A Pando investor].   

The email, sent to Pando’s Sarah Lac[e]y, began:

From: Ron Conway
Date: July 4, 2015 at 12:53:08 PM PDT
To: Sarah Lacey
Subject: RE: Ron Conway/Presidio Trust

HAPPY 4th!

After a year of getting jerked around by the Presidio Board we got the truth via the FOIA request the Tech Community teamed up on.

Once again I am proud to be part of the tech community in finding the gross collusion that occurred.


That’s right, Ron Conway and his friends have harnessed the force of FOIA to expose a conspiracy of “gross collusion” at the heart of San Francisco politics! This is huge!

To explain how huge, Conway forwards along a second email from Aaron McLear, partner at Redwood Pacific Public Affairs…

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