Foursquare Lets Users Search for Venues in Other Cities


foursquare-local-search-elsewhereYelp and Foursquare have been becoming increasingly similar over the last year, but each app offers something the other can’t do: With Yelp, users can’t search for all venues near them; they have to choose in advance what they want to do. With Foursquare, they can’t search for businesses in another neighborhood or city.

But Foursquare has again narrowed the difference between its local search product and Yelp’s, by allowing Web users to specify a location other than the one indicated by their ISP addresses. The company today added a second search box on its home page that allows users to specify a location. (About Foursquare first reported the change.)

The search box recognizes neighborhoods and city names.

If recent history is any guide, Foursquare will bring the feature to mobile within a few months.

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