Socialism will Continue in Venezuela if Opposition Candidates Keep Getting Murdered


It’s difficult for Americans to understand the corruption and violence that comes with socialism. Despite the altruism associated with it and snazzy phrases like “income equality” used to build support, socialist nations around the world invariably fall to chaos and hardship when the governments maintain power long enough. This is very evident right now in Venezuela.

The country is in the process of collapsing. Polls suggest that the people want to stop the free fall that has culminated 16 years of socialism, but the government seems bent on making sure that doesn’t happen. They’ve gone beyond jailing opposition leaders or threatening candidates. Now, they’re just going out and killing them in broad daylight at campaign rallies.

Before anyone comes out and declares that it could have been a shooting perpetrated by very ambitious pro-government lone wolfs or, as the government is declaring, an attempt to frame the socialists to garner support for other candidates, keep something in mind. The only people who would lose if the elections were fair would be the current United Socialist Party of Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro.

The successor to Hugo Chávez, Maduro has made no attempt to hide his willingness to suppress, intimidate, or physically remove any threats that could pull him out of power. Despite the complete economic failure of the country with the largest oil reserves in the world, the mismanagement of funds that always occurs when socialism has enough time to do its damage is crippling the country and hurting the people. They are carrying trash bags full of money in order to buy toilet paper. Strife has turned to violence and violence has turned to desperation.

It’s easy for a conservative to point to socialism as the culprit. There is true evil involved in this collapse as well, but the two core causes of the chaos in Venezuela are linked. You see, socialism by its very nature is evil wrapped in a thin blanket of altruism. It seems to make sense to people that if you take from the rich and give to the poor that everything will be okay, but it’s always a temporary fix. Whenever you make it unbearable to succeed and reward complacency instead, the people who work for the country stop doing so and the people who are not working for the country see no reason to help out.

As a concept, socialism makes sense. Unfortunately, it’s the type of concept that only makes sense if everyone is willing to participate to their fullest extent. The nature of socialism prohibits it from ever working in a world of free-thinking humans. Venezuela is seeing this first hand right now.



In Venezuela, the Only Free Media Is Twitter




Venezuelan retired army general Angel Vivas had heard the authorities were coming for him on Sunday. He had no intention of surrendering, so he put on a flak jacket, took out his assault rifle—and started tweeting

First, he posted a picture of workers from CANTV, the government-owned Internet provider, working in front of his house. He claimed that they were there to cut his Internet connection. Then he warned that “Cuban and Venezuelan henchmen” had just arrived to get him

Llego la CANTV a “trabajar”frente a mi casa, si no me equivoco estan cortando la linea, la internet o interfiriendola

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