Thanks DIY Vases for Thanksgiving: Holiday Centerpiece or Mantle Decor


Thanks DIY Vases for Thanksgiving Holiday Centerpiece or Mantle Decor

While decorating my home for the Fall months and Thanksgiving, I have found it particularly fun and creative to make some of my decor myself. I wouldn’t say that I am an epic crafter and I am many miles away from being a Martha Stewart type, but I am pretty inventive when it comes to creating seasonal crafts. After perusing my local Michael’s store for supplies, I was struck with an idea for my mantle—a collection of vases with lettering that spells out THANKS. Because, Thanksgiving is about being grateful and thankful for your blessings—not about eating turkey or massive sales and markdowns.

What I like about this particular DIY is that it has a rustic feel which appeals to the Thanksgiving holiday. The vases are all different types, which makes it more eye catching than having five vases that were the same type and size.

Thanks DIY Holiday Centerpiece or Mantle Decor

The result is a wonderful DIY craft that can be displayed as a centerpiece on your table or on your mantle.

Here’s what you will need to make your own Thanks DIY Vases for Thanksgiving:

  • Five vases (particularly with a long neck so that you can tie the wording around them)
  • Fabric
  • Lettering with adhesive (or you can hot glue or sew the letters onto the fabric)
  • Ribbon or string
  • Fabric cutter

I selected this gold and white shimmering chevron fabric because I thought it went well with the theme in my home, and made for a conversation piece. The lettering I found at Michaels was also glittery, so it was almost a perfect match—I didn’t plan it that way, though.

Be as creative as you’d like with your fabric and lettering. Try to select complimentary colors. Also, try to use scissors with serrated edges so that the fabric looks crisp.

Thanks DIY Vases for Thanksgiving

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