7 Reason Why the Iran Nuclear Deal is Utterly Asinine


There are two problems facing the world as it pertains to Iran. For Israel, Saudi Arabia, and possibly the United States and Europe, allowing Iran to build nuclear weapons would be the most dangerous situation imaginable. For the people of Iran, crippling sanctions makes life extremely difficult with hardships rising and quality of life lowering.

On the surface, it’s a no-brainer. Completely stop all nuclear activities, whether veiled in the guise of “energy” or admittedly done in an effort to build nuclear weapons. In exchange, they can rejoin the rest of the world in economic partnership and allow their people to receive the aid they need.

Below the surface is a fundamental and impassable problem: the Ayatollah Khamenei holds nuclear aspirations, the destruction of little satan Israel, the destruction of the traitorous Saudi Arabia, and the downfall of great satan United States as goals that far supersede any needs of his people. He is a self-perceived holy man on a holy mission and there is absolutely, positively nothing that anyone can do outside of military action to prevent him or his successors from becoming a nuclear-armed state.

It is definitely going to happen in his mind and if nothing is done, the UN nuclear deal is not going to prevent it. In fact, it will only mildly slow it down. I’m not going to go into the countless news stories that point to this fact. Instead, let’s look at some of the other clear reasons that this deal isn’t just a bad deal. It’s absolute insanity that anyone would support it.

Iran has Absolutely Nothing to Lose

There’s a scene in the Family Guy where Peter is trying to negotiate. He would have done a better job than Secretary of State John Kerry who was able to negotiate a deal that gives Iran everything they want and forces them to do very little.

The inspections are going to be planned well ahead of time and monitored… at least some of them. Others are going to be handled by the Iranians themselves. They lost nothing and now they have nothing to lose.

The Ayatollah Hates Us

This isn’t a rumor. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It isn’t even a secret. Everyone other than United States mainstream media knows that the Ayatollah Khamenei hates the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. It’s not the type of annoying hatred that has been shared by the United States and other countries in the past. This is a deep rooted, mortal enemy type of hatred.

The Currently Peace is Strong

Am I missing something? We have peace, at least as it pertains to Iran. They aren’t attacking anyone (other than through support of terrorism) and nobody is attacking them (other than in the form of cyberwarfare). Israel has threatened to attack and Saudi Arabia has offered support because they know that a nuclear Iran is a direct threat to their existence. This deal does not prevent that. It encourages it. We’ll talk about what that means in a moment.

John Kerry Barack Obama

Those Closest to Iran Had No Voice

One of the arguments made by the administration and the mainstream media is that the world has spoken. They’re acting as if the conservatives of the United States are the only ones opposed to the deal. The United Nations represents everyone, they say. Unfortunately, it didn’t represent the interests of Israel or Saudi Arabia, two American allies.

As a result, the United States pushing the bill is opposing our own friends in the Middle East. They didn’t have a seat at the table. They weren’t shy about their opposition. They simply went unheard and their warnings have gone unheeded.

Americans Oppose the Deal

It isn’t just the right, the side that overwhelmingly opposes the deal. Nearly 40% of independents and 30% of Democrats oppose the deal. Add in that the President finds it to be a victory that he has support from 34% of the Senate and it’s pretty clear that the President is going against the wishes of the people.

Hostages and Prisoners ARE in Play

If you ask the administration or any of the deal’s supporters, they don’t want to hear about the Americans being wrongly held in Iran over such crimes as sharing Bible verses. They will say that it’s a separate situation, that they don’t want to include discussions in this deal because that would mean that a country wanting to negotiate with the United Nations simply has to take hostages. Unfortunately, the argument falls apart when you look at the situation itself.

Iran, in attempting to build a nuclear bomb, is in essence holding millions of people hostage. This deal is an attempt to slow them down from getting nuclear weapons capabilities. That means that all a country has to do to force the UN to make a bad deal is start to build a nuclear bomb. What message does that send? To those who think that it’s a lot more complicated to build a nuclear weapon, it’s important to understand that it really isn’t. It takes millions of dollars, connections, scientists, and a will to make it happen. This means that any country or even a terrorist organization can start the process and force the United Nation’s hand thanks to this precedent.

This Deal Will Certainly Bring War

Anyone who says this deal is about peace is naive. This deal is about throwing up something that will give the President a legacy and hopes that it won’t backfire into another Middle East war or even WWIII.

The Saudis hate the deal and fear a nuclear Iran. Israel hates the deal and fears a nuclear Iran. They liked the sanctions but wanted more pressure, not less. This deal does not support them or their cause. It does not make the Middle East safer. It does not prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. It barely slows them down.

Benjamin Netanyahu Iran Nuclear Deal

This “peace” deal is the exact opposite. It will not bring peace. It empowers Iran and allows them to continue to pursue their nuclear ambitions. It puts up a few minor roadblocks, but one must understand the mentality of the regime and the deep-rooted hatred they have for Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States in order to understand why this deal is going to bring war.