The New Gawker: Business as usual for Nick Denton


“I don’t have a huge amount of time for noble failure” — Nick Denton

The last thing you need today is another “rival” gloating about the slow, slow, slow, very sudden downfall of Gawker. Today, we’re told, the site is relaunching as a rubber-tipped, sanitized-for-your-protection version of its former self. Less punching down, less fucking up.

I wrote last week about how this all fits into Nick Denton’s plan to destroy Gawker’s editorial union before it had even finished organizing. How, seizing on the public revulsion over his site’s outing of a married accountant who allegedly attempted to pay for sex, Denton issued Gawker staff an ultimatum: Quit or get back in line.

In a few weeks the only staff remaining will be those who support Denton’s management, those prepared to play along because they have nowhere else to go and, of course, those who hope to use the turmoil to clamber a little higher up the greasy pole.

My estimate was off by a few weeks. In fact, Denton’s deadline is set for end of business today, after which any employee remaining will implicitly agree to a “flourishing discussion” and “reigning civility” between staff, readers and management…

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