5 Up-and-Coming Apps Among Teenagers

5 Up-and-Coming Apps Among Teenagers

Since the conception of the SmartPhone developers have been falling over themselves to create the next big thing within the app world: an industry within which overnight success can literally make millionaires.

One of the hottest demographics to aim for, but also the most demanding, is that of tech savvy and spoilt for app choice teenagers. Becoming a must have app that is well regarded within this circle bodes seriously well for overcoming other markets, so here we take a look at what five apps have in store for teens.

1. Snapd for iOS

The app that snaps reactions, Snapd is the new must have photo and gif messaging app that snaps the reaction of the recipient at the very moment they see the image or gif. The challenge then is to snap an image that’s reaction worthy: for laughter, for shock value, for disgust or for happiness. This fresh image taking vibe is looking set to send photography shockwaves around the teen market: Snapd truly is the next creative addiction and a whole new way of using the once humble camera phone.

2. BurnNote for Android and BurnNote for iOS

The app that’s making noise within the SnapChat realm, Burn Note is offering teenagers a robustly private way of messaging each other, although with it being free from image adding it serves up a whole lot simpler a premise than apps such as SnapChat. Nevertheless with a feature that allows the sending of Burn Notes to recipients who don’t even have the app this may very much be the next big thing within the communication app realm (which is actually one of the most difficult app genres to break into nowadays after becoming pretty saturated with all sorts of innovative ideas).

3. Dubsmash for Android and Dubsmash for iOS

The app that’s smashing up movie scenes, television dialogues and music videos, Dubsmash has been busy smashing together movie scenes, television dialogues and music videos with user’s own input since it launched in 2014. It has today been downloaded over 50 million times and continues to spread around the world as the latest time wasting but oh-so immersive entertainment app.

Users can choose a background video file to mime along with, replacing the audio all together and editing their voice with all sorts of features. The results can be both hilariously and seriously share friendly… which may well be the reason why this app has gained a staggering amount of attention in such a short space of time.

4. CocoPPa for Android and CocoPPa for iOS

The app that is mixing up backgrounds and leading to complete customization, CocoPPa has seen considerable successes within the Japanese market. Now the app is reaching western shores and catching the interests of our teens. The app itself allows for plenty of customization to the users’ phone, such as sticker adding to phone’s backgrounds and tweaking the ways in which the icons look. This simple app is then promising to more than meet that insatiable need for teens to each be unique in some small way, from the clothes that they wear through to the images upon their phone’s backgrounds.

5. Bitmoji for Android and Bitmoji for iOS

The app that’s capitaliszing upon the success of Facebook’s bitstrip, Bitmoji is associated with the 2014 craze on Facebook feeds overrun with comic book images. These customized characters were styled to look just like each user through an app called Bitstrip, which largely came to a stop, though. That is until now. Today this same company is looking set to become ingrained within teen’s text messages through offering a vast array of customizable emojis for use within text messages. What’s even better is that these avatar designs are then stored within the app so that each and every time they add one, they have the same hair, skin and eye color. And who knows this revolutionary app may well just be the end of Smileys as we know them!

According to people that talk to our internet marketing consultants these five apps could be the next big ones for teens and knowing what they are and getting ahead of the curve just now could lead you to a greater understanding and the chance to make more of them if they become commonplace.

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