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The unscientific results are in! The most popular political affiliation in the tech industry is…



Early last week, I invited Pando readers to take part in a wildly unscientific survey to determine how Pando readers define their political affiliation. In particular I wanted to understand whether my perception of the rise of libertarianism in tech is borne out in reality.

The response to the survey was much greater than I expected for such a throwaway thing. I still make no claims to scientific validity but, according to this sample size calculator, the results below should show 99% confidence, with a +/-4.5 margin of error.

So, are Pando readers a bunch of libertarians? Or does the traditional liberal swing of tech still hold? And, with so much money flowing in and out of the Valley, how much of a foothold have conservatives taken?

The answer, according to the survey, is that liberals are still holding on to the lead. Just. With 42.19% of respondents identifying themselves as liberal to 32.81% libertarians. Conservatives account for 8.77%.

I’ll probably do the survey again in six months or so and see if libertarians have gained any more ground.




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