4 Unorthodox Tips When Social Media Marketing


4 Unorthodox Tips When Social Media Marketing image social icons 300x191It seems like one of the only outlets for marketing these days is using social media.

While that certainly isn’t the case, it is one of the most popular ways to market to your audience. Everyone uses the Internet for social media – even your grandma has asked you to help her upload a picture for her Facebook.

So why are businesses still using the same boring marketing tactics when it comes to marketing through social media? Using unexpected and unusual marketing methods can help your business grow in ways you never imagined.

Stay positive

Isn’t it so much easier to rant about something that makes you angry than it is to see the positive side of it?

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Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become the new outlets for expressing your feelings about a controversial issue or something that has been bothering you. In fact, it is easy for a business to utilize a negative or emotional issue and to join in on the rant.

Staying positive and finding the light through a sad or tragic situation is something that many businesses don’t usually do. Going against the grain and pointing out the positives may not be the usual stance businesses take, but it can spike conversation and allow people to see the occasion differently.

Get lengthy

Because sites like Twitter only give you a 140 word limit, it seems safe to assume that readers want something that is brief and to the point.

This is usually the case, but it is important to keep your audience in mind when creating content for your business despite what social media site you are using. People will read long pieces if they are full of useful and beneficial information.

Of course, avoiding posting only lengthy content is better for your business because people enjoy instant gratification. They want to read something and immediately know what you’re talking about rather than being forced to read an essay and get the information at the end. It’s okay to write long posts if the post is full of helpful tips or guidance.

Convert through your accounts

Having more than one social media account is almost a necessity for businesses everywhere. In fact, even for people who aren’t business owners; having more than one social media account is a must.

Allowing your users to link or share the buttons or links to your other social media accounts can be helpful to your business. You must stay aware to the idea that not everyone has a Facebook or only a select few people have a Linkedin account, so providing options to your other social media pages can help spread the word about your company.

If you share your Linkedin page through your Facebook, this will not only give your Facebook followers the chance to view your Linkedin page, but it can allow them to share your account with someone who may not have Facebook or may only use it once in awhile.

Reaching out to your audience in every outlet possible is another way to get the word of your business spread.

Be unconventional

As a business owner, you sometimes get wrapped up in the fact that you must remain professional. It is important to keep a professional appearance when it comes to your company, but it is also okay to be a little unconventional and strange.

Take calculated risks for your business! If you think a comic is funny or relevant to your business, post it. You may have a few people who disagree or don’t share your sense of humor, but the majority of your audience will appreciate a good laugh.

If you’re seeing complaints or customers taking harmless jabs at your brand, respond in a humorous manner. This can help lighten the situation and show your customer that you are a regular person too who just wants to please their audience. This can also give your company a name and a way for people to associate your brand to others.

Social media marketing is popular but it isn’t the only method available for marketing to your customers. Sign up for your free newsletter today to get more marketing tips for your business that you will only find here.

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