Facebook Adds App Events Support to Unity SDK


AppEvents650Facebook announced that it is extending support for app events to games using the Unity software-development kit.

Shachar Gershoni wrote in a post on the Facebook developer blog that developers will gain a greater understanding of the performance of their Unity games, adding that the social network released a guide for developers looking to begin using app events.

Gershoni wrote:

If you’re building games using the Unity SDK, you’ll now be able to log app events for your games, meaning you’ll be able to see how your Unity game is performing, better understand the demographic makeup of people who respond to your ads and run more effective advertising campaigns.

For instance, you can use app events to determine which level of your game is the hardest, based on where players drop off in the game. Or you can see which level of the game is most successful at encouraging people to make in-app purchases. Once you know this information about your game, it’s easier to improve engagement and gameplay. For example, with app events, you can determine which demographic group is making in-app purchases in your game, and then show them ads that offer a discount on virtual goods or in-app purchases.

We want to make it easier for you to get started with app events, so today we’re introducing a guide with best practices for how to implement app events, depending on your particular business or type of app. The guide provides tips for apps in e-commerce, retail, games and travel categories, as well as a list of recommended events and parameters for each type of app.

Developers of Unity games: Will you begin using app events?