More Personality with a Unique About Us Page


shutterstock_290250665When it comes to building a personal brand it’s important to attract and new website visitors. While having a descriptive About Us page in place is good there may not be enough information to capture their interest. In order to reach your audience you need provide a stand-out page that speaks to their needs.

Would you like to see more conversions from your website? By understanding who your target market is and where their pain points are your brand can develop a message that speaks to them directly. This includes answering their common questions in a way that is relatable.

A personal brand should be clear and in-tune with the needs of its audience and customers in order to be successful with their About Us page.

What a Great About Us Page Should Say

A basic biography is just the beginning framework from which to create a customer-centric message. Here are several ways you can develop attractive and unique content:

Write for your audience – After determining the main pain points of your readers your brand should create an About Us page directly tied into those needs and how you can solve their problems. Use history and personal stories to add a human element to your company along with any customer testimonials.

Change a few words – Create content that uses less of the words, “I,” “We,” or “Us.” Instead, build your sentences around “You,” and “Them,” to focus the attention on your leads and customers. When they learn that the About Us page is really about their needs they will be more likely to dive deeper into what you have to offer.

Stand out from the rest – Determine what makes your brand unique from others in your niche and bring that out on your About Us page. Depending on your company this can include funny stories, serious videos that provide a background, examples of products or services, ect. Get as creative as you can with this content, as your voice can shine through in the midst of other websites that only offer stale or boring content.

The purpose of an About Us page for your personal brand is to capture your reader’s’ interest right away before they decide to leave to your competitors. Your message should hook your readers in a way that peaks their interest and compels them to get to know more about your brand.


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8 Mobile Security iPhone Apps With Their Own Unique Purpose


If you have a new iPhone 6, or even if you’re still rocking an iPhone 4 or 5, you are using some of the best modern smartphone design available. Modern social marketers are always using their phones, but make the mistake of thinking that this modern design will protect them, as if by some magic!

An unfortunate thing that goes with taking your iPhone with you everywhere, is that a number of bad things can happen. You can lose it. You can be hacked. Your data can get damaged. This article will be your key to protecting your iPhone anywhere you travel!

Locate a lost phone with Find My iPhone

No iPhone is ever completely secure until someone has installed the Find My iPhone app on it. This may be the first security app that you add to yours as it helps you:

  • Find your iPhone locally via a loud siren. The siren can be activated remotely via your computer or tablet. If there’s no one around to make call you, or you’re too embarrassed to admit you lost your iPhone AGAIN, this is perfect!
  • Find your iPhone from far off via GPS. Did you leave it at soccer practice? At the office? At the meeting across town? Looking for your phone via GPS can help solve the problem quickly so you can go back and get it.

I’m not going to accuse you or anyone else of being forgetful, I’m just saying that all of us misplace or iPhones from time to time.

Now you may read this and wonder what your forgetfulness has to do with online security, and I’ll say ‘plenty!’ Outright device theft isn’t often thought of as hacking, but once they have your device that’s when the hacking will begin as they crack your passcode and steal your data.

Symantec’s trust Norton Mobile Security

Symantec have built their name in the digital security world with their 33 years of experience. With a name that stretches back to before the Internet became public, you know that their latest release for mobile users will be a winner. This product is Norton Mobile Security, and it is a tool specifically designed to allow you to:

  • Protect your information from being lost or stolen
  • Backup certain files, or even entire whole folders of data
  • Control all of your iPhone security options remotely from your computer
  • Find your misplaced iPhone via GPS or a screamer

It has the tracking abilities of Find My iPhone with a touch of information security added. If you choose this you won’t need Find My iPhone as well.

Other useful features for a lost iPhone include

  • Sneak Peek, which allows you to take a picture of whoever may have you phone.
  • Lost Notice, which lets you display a custom message to whoever may have your phone so you can recover it.

All of these features will help you get it back in a hurry.

Secure your passwords with the 1Password app

1Password is a security app that works on many platforms, and allows you to save multiple passwords with strong complexity. Install it on your iMac, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone and you’ll be able to retrieve these passwords quickly. No more of the ‘one password for every website’ syndrome!

This security app is an important one as brute force hacks work when users have the same password over and over again, or if they have weak ones. A simple password recovery tool in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. 1Password will create complex, passwords that are hard to crack for you, and then automatically enter them at login screens via an encrypted connection.

You also have the option to create secure and encrypted notes, and store your credit card details. If your 1Password account gets full you can create favorite lists to quickly find your most useful information, or use their easy to understand search feature.

Google Authenticator makes two-step security easier

Google’s entry into better security of their apps is the Authenticator security app. If you use some Google tools on your iPhone, and who doesn’t, this can be a big help. The app will let you easily use Google’s two-step authentication feature as your first line of defense against email account hacking.

Once it’s installed on your iPhone you will still sign into your Google accounts the same way as always. But then you will have a special one-off code sent to you via SMS or email to verify. This helps prevent hackers from getting your information when they have your password, but not your iPhone.

A VPN security app for WiFi protection

mobile securityWe all use our iPhones for much more than just making phone calls. Actually, I’m willing to bet that a high percentage of users spend the majority of their time on their iPhone NOT making or taking phone calls. An iPhone is being used more like a handheld computer these days, which means it will find itself connected to WiFi from time to time.

The first thing a VPN will do for you on public WiFi is protect you from Evil Twin hacks. These happen more than you know as public WiFi is kinda like the Wild West, expect everyone is shooting and you don’t even notice when you’ve been shot.

A VPN is your bulletproof vest for these issues as it encrypts your connection to the Internet, preventing password, bank information, and all other kinds of theft. Find out about the best VPN provider for you needs as they will vary. One thing every good VPN will do, regardless of your choice, is protection you on free WiFi you find at a coffee shop, conference, or your own office.

The Vault stores your documents behind encryption

The Vault security app is an iPhone security app which is designed to store your information behind a layer of encryption. This sounds like 1Password’s ability to encrypt data, and it’s very similar except for the main feature: The Vault allows you to store your documents, with no limits of file type, in a secure cloud that can be synced across multiple devices. 1Password has this to a degree, but it’s not pulled off as well as The Vault.

You can use it for:

  • Password storage
  • Credit card details
  • Passcodes for security alarms
  • Contact details

All this is protected by 256-bit AES encryption from your iMac to your iPhone. This can be a real help as we often find ourselves wanting to input data while sitting at our computer, but use it while we’re away from it.

Webroot SecureWeb for secure browsing

Webroot SecureWeb is a very secure browser, with a much better feel than the Secure Vault browser as it was built only for this. You can use it to block malicious websites before you visit them, analyse your web searches so it blocks harmful sites, and most importantly it will check the banking sites that any website links to to make sure it’s safe. When you’re trying to get some Internet surfing done in a hurry, Webroot SecureWeb will protect you without you having to think about it.

Kaspersky Safe Browser for secure browsing + parental controls

The Kaspersky Safe Browser security app is a bit like Webroot SecureWeb from above as they’re both for your protecting your regular browsing. Where it differs is how it focuses on protecting you against acts of mobile fraud, and phishing scams. Phishing sams are actually one of the oldest tricks in the hacker trade, being protected against them can seriously increase your ‘don’t have to think about it’ online security.

For those who are a bit more conservative, or who are giving their child an iPhone, you can also set parental controls blocks on it for certain content. The Internet is a scary enough place without your children being able to access the entirety of it from the backseat on a road trip to grandmas!

Feature image via wk1003mike / Shutterstock

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