‘Time’ Shares Most Instagrammed U.S. Locations by State


What were the most Instagrammed locations in all 50 U.S. states in 2015? Time used data from the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network to find out.

The map from Time allows users to click on each state and see the location that was geotagged most on Instagram in 2015.

Sports arenas make up a large part of the list:

Readers: Did you post any photos or videos on Instagram from the most geotagged locations in your state?


Photo of Fenway Park courtesy of Instagram user abrrrril, courtesy of Time.

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Google's Internet-Everywhere via Weather Balloon "Project Loon" May Get Its First Test in the U.S.


At a certain point, one begins to wonder when internet access will just be a common ‘thing’ in our American lives, like electricity and access to clean water. (I know not everybody, even in the U.S., has all that, but go with me here.) And large tech companies are doing their best to get us to that point.

While Facebook is busy trying out a drone strategy to provide internet access to poor and/or far flung communities, Google is going the way of the weather balloon, and there are hints that they are ready to test things out in the U.S.

Via Project Loon Video

According to reports from multiple websites including Android Authority and Business Insider, Google’s “Project Loon” is getting ready to start its U.S. run. Project Loon is a moonshot” under the Google X banner designed to provide internet access to rural and remote areas through a 4G-LTE wireless network emanating from a series of high-altitude (11 miles in the stratosphere) weather balloons.

Papers filed with the Federal Communications Commission by Google request a license to “test experimental radios” in the United States and Puerto Rico. The request was filed by Astro Teller, head of Google X Labs.

Although the plan for Project Loon is for rural and poor areas without internet access, the request for the U.S. license makes sense in that the new internet-weather-balloon business needs to partner with telecommunications companies to start making money and become a feasible business model.

The project has already been tested in New Zealand, with Indonesia and Sri Lanka on the list of places where more testing will occur.

The tests in the U.S. will start January 1st, and last up to 24 months, so while Google’s efforts at widespread internet access may be exciting, their plans coming to fruition is still a long ways off.

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