Tellspec indefinitely delays shipping its miracle food scanner, CEO sends Pando a 1100-word rant accusing us of trying to destroy company


If you’ve been following the continuing adventures of Tellspec – the crowdfunded company that claimed, back in 2013, to have invented a miraculous food ingredient scanner – the latest news out of the company won’t surprise you one jot. 

After missing countless delivery deadlines — and trying the patience of the nearly 2,000 backers who gave the company over $ 380k on Indiegogo two years ago — Tellspec is now notifying beta testers of yet another delay. 

This time they claim unspecified “problems” with the device’s battery and firmware. Unlike with previous delays,  however, this one doesn’t come with a revised delivery estimate. Instead, the company says “we will only be shipping after this gets resolved…”

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