Slow-mo interviews make Australian football players sound drunk




The team here at Mashable Australia have been at pains to debunk rumours that the Australian accent is a product of drunken, slurred speech. This video doesn’t do much to help that.

Taken from a interview with a number of Australian Football League (AFL) draftees, YouTube user zeecfc has slowed down the segment a fraction to make it sound like these up-and-coming athletes have just finished off a few rounds at the pub.

Simple things like a chuckle or a one-word response to a question become long, pained drawls and it’s fascinating to watch

For those who don’t know, AFL is the national competition for Aussie Rules Football, a code of football that involves a lot of kicking and where throwing the ball is not allowed (sort of, you can “handpass” it where you hold the ball in one hand and punch it with the other). Read more…

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Tim Draper chooses his Startup U winner: A rich white dude, from family money, who hasn’t actually built anything… (Sound familiar?)


I’ve reached the end of the StartupU, Tim Draper’s ABC Family reality show, and I now wish I’d stopped at the beginning.

What I hoped at episode one would be an inclusive show showcasing diversity, gender, and a real expectation of what it takes to build a company turned… absurd? Grotesque? Laughable? I don’t even know the word.

But I do know that viewers — all ten of us in the world who were still watching — could only laugh at the outcome. It was that or vomit.

In case you still think it’s worth it to spend thousands of dollars to go to DraperU, lemme spoil for you how you “win.” Because there’s an easy hack. Here’s how you get a $ 250k investment from Tim Draper…

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