Google Just Solved Our Massive “Photos Headache” With Unlimited, Simple Storage


Google Just Solved Our Massive “Photos Headache” With Unlimited, Simple Storage

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Congratulations, Internet user! By the end of this article, there’s a strong chance you’ll migrate your precious photos (and not so precious ones) to the new Google Photos application (web and mobile) in order to easily (and finally) store, organize, and manage your photos and videos.

Every. Single. One.

That’s right, Google Photos is out in the wild, and it offers you unlimited storage for the photos and videos across the array of services and devices you’ve probably lost track of. And better yet, it is completely separate from Google+. If you’re already logged into your Google account (assuming you have one), just visit to get started.

One of the most interesting features built into Google Photos is the search functionality. Let’s say after spending an afternoon migrating all of your photos from Dropbox, Flickr, Tumblr, and yes, your device’s camera roll too, that you want to re-live your best friend’s birthday party on the golf course. Search for the term “golf” and you’ll instantly see your photos and videos from the day on the course. For the post-match celebration, search “bar” and yes, you guessed it, all your photos from bars and pubs will appear. Pretty neat, huh?

Some other sweet features include:

  • Location-based photos
  • Interactive timelines
  • Panorama shots stitched together by multiple photos
  • Animated GIFs using sequential photos
  • Native filters and easy editing tools
  • Sharing via social channels

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