Twitter Acquires Video-Clipping Service SnappyTV


Today, Twitter announced that it has acquired SnappyTV, a video-clipping and -sharing service. The two companies have worked closely to enable brands to share video content and this partnership will mean deeper integration of SnappyTV into the Twitter platform.

This news almost seems like a no-brainer. With Twitter becoming a second-screen destination, and CEO Dick Costolo declaring the network an entertainment platform, it makes sense that Twitter would acquire a company it has already been working with to provide more embedded video distribution capabilities.

“As Twitter has grown as the companion to live events and broadcast media, SnappyTV will help partners and brands bring the best videos into the conversation, when it matters most,” says the official Twitter blog post.

In fact, Twitter has been shifting more toward a focus on visual media recently. Vine, images automatically appearing in the stream, the enabling of GIFs and now the SnappyTV acquisition — it’s clear that Twitter is building a foundation for rich visual media distribution.

Still, while GIFs and Vine are tools for the users, SnappyTV is a tool for brands and broadcasters, which has the potential to result in engaging content for those who turn to Twitter for their second-screen experience.

“Our goal is to help publishers quickly share great moments from events so people can experience those moments as they happen.”

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SnappyTV Enables Native, One-Tap Playback Of Videos On Facebook, Twitter


SnappyTV650Cloud-based video-content-production and marketing platform SnappyTV announced that its platform now enables native, one-tap playback of videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

SnappyTV said content owners can synchronize social content to TV content, including real time highlights from live events, photos, and GIFs. Users on Facebook and other social networks can tap on the auto-play videos or click on their thumbnails to load the videos in their social networks’ environments, without being redirected to third-party sites.

The company’s platform is already in use by media companies including Fox Sports, HBO Sports, and the National Basketball Association.

SnappyTV Co-Founder and CEO Mike Folgner said in a release announcing the new features:

It is a simple fact — video clips that are shared live, in the moment, have more engagement. This is something that until SnappyTV has not been possible, on PC or on mobile. Our close relationship with both Twitter and Facebook as a developer partner has allowed us to improve the video-sharing experience for content owners and the video-consumption experience for users. We are already seeing that these native videos are generating more engagement for media companies, which translates into more monetization opportunities.

And Fox Sports Senior Manager, Social Media Josh Baird added:

It is more important than ever for us to share big moments with our fans as they are happening live. With SnappyTV’s native video player for Twitter and Facebook, we can streamline the process for fans by capturing exciting moments in sports and share them on social media instantly, when engagement is at its highest.

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