How Skrillex, Diplo And Other Superstar DJs Rock Instagram And Drive Fan Engagement


With so much new talent emerging in the booming world of electronic dance music, DJs face the ever-increasing struggle to stay relevant. A great social media presence has become essential to retaining the genre’s young, tech-savvy audience.

We’ve rounded up some of the big dogs who are effectively using Instagram to stay ahead of the pack. Let’s face it – these guys know how to start a party, but they also know a thing or two about building a brand and driving fan engagement. Read on and you’re bound to learn something you can apply to your own Instagram strategy.


Skrillex: Spreading the love with other artists

Dance icon Skrillex is known for his high-profile collaborations, ranging from ‘supergroup’ projects alongside fellow producers Diplo and Boys Noize to tracks featuring the likes of Justin Bieber.

Glance through his Instagram and you’ll see that this collaborative spirit extends beyond his music. His posts frequently feature other artists that he’s recorded with, performed with, or just encountered at shows. Often, these artists will respond by posting the same or similar pictures on their own Instagram. That adds up to a great deal of added reach and, ultimately, more exposure.


This image is a prime example – initially posted on Skrillex’s account, the picture was then blasted out to Alesso’s 1.4 million followers. It’s difficult to argue with figures like that.

Standout Example

Flosstradamus: Putting the emphasis on the fans

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The Chicago duo has fostered a die-hard following by creating a uniquely inclusive social media environment. In their #HDYNATION campaign, they invite fans to become part of the Flosstradamus experience rather than simply observing it.

This means regularly reposting their followers’ photos, and even selecting a ‘HDYGIRL of the Week’.

Needless to say, this has inspired a great deal of loyalty – after all, what could be more thrilling than having your picture posted by your favorite artist? By paying homage to their supporters, they’ve built an Instagram profile that just screams community.


Standout Example

Dillon Francis: Knowing how to make your audience laugh

Most dance music fanatics will tell you that Dillon Francis was an easy pick for this article. Known for his comical alter egos, silly accents and generally ridiculous behavior, he has one of the most distinctive personalities in EDM. In fact, his characters and impressions are so deeply ingrained in the way he presents himself that he’s built a huge following around them.

Take, for instance, his series of photos with Klaus, a recurring plastic alien in the Dillon Francis universe. The image below has amassed a whopping 32.3 thousand likes, far outperforming the more traditional photos of Dillon on stage or in the studio.


His profile is loaded with this type of outlandish, amusing content. Here’s a DJ who has created a brand around his goofy personality and gives his fans a reason to keep coming back.

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Diplo: Creating a persona that fans aspire to

When it comes to social media, Diplo is known for his witty and irreverent Twitter banter. But how does he fare on Instagram? Very well, as it turns out. He may be the closest thing to a rock star that exists in dance music and his Instagram profile is a stellar reflection of that. A concoction of shirtless selfies, scantily clad women, and stunning crowd shots creates a strong impression that this man is in the business of partying.

It’s also pretty clear that he travels a lot – pictures from his performances routinely display the city in which he is playing, held up in large cardboard letters by the audience.


All in all, the hedonistic, jet-setting lifestyle on display appeals to the aspirational tendencies of his many young fans. It’s hard not to look at him and imagine yourself in his shoes and, for someone looking to build a persona that stands out, that’s a very powerful thing.

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Key Takeaways

Having a compelling Instagram profile is more important than ever. To ensure that you hold your own against the competition, take a few pointers from these DJs and:

● Collaborate with other artists and brands to spread your message further. (Skrillex)
● Engage your audience by making them the star of the show. (Flosstradamus)
● If you’re funny, be funny. (Dillon Francis)
● Give your fans something to aspire to. (Diplo)

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