Artist Sketches the Mundane Moments of Strangers’ Lives




Sketchy things are happening in Tokyo.

Don’t worry; there’s no real cause for alarm. Well, unless you have something against being turned into an adorable drawing

Japanese illustrator Hirofumi Hamaguchi takes mundane moments in life as an opportunity to practice his craft. The artist tells Mashable that he considers this method to be similar to athletes preparing for a big game. “To score a goal, to swim fast or to draw a good illustration for a client, you need to warm up,” he says

Hamaguchi shares the charming sketches with his 2,000 Instagram followers. The feedback, he says, has given him a feeling of “good tension.” Check out our selection below. Read more…

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Quickly Turn Your Sketches on Paper into Functional Digital Prototypes With AppSeed



AppSeed is a slick app that automates the process of translating physical sketches to functional digital prototypes with computer vision. The program allows you to quickly bridge the gap between analog pen or paper and digital media. The new app lets you sketch your designs naturally and then manipulate them on your phone. AppSeed can quickly identify enclosed spaces in your sketches, meaning you can quickly turn your drawn elements into features like buttons, text input fields, maps or other user interface elements that can be incorporated into your graphic designs on programs like Photoshop.

What’s the Purpose of AppSeed?

AppSeed exists to speed up how you create, test and share your ideas. We love the process and seeing how ideas start and grow with a team. We wanted to build a tool that builds on what designers currently do, and uses the processing power of your phone to take some of the manual labour out of going from a sketch to a prototype. We wanted to let you have an idea in a meeting and show it on device right away, letting you focus on your idea, not how to get it on device.

AppSeed Prototype

The project, created by Greg Goralski, has already reached it’s $ 30,000 funding goal on Kickstarter and will be funded on October 9. You can get the app for as little as $ 8.

Check out the project here.


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