Third quarter data shows exits continue to totally suck. In fact, they suck worse



As regular readers know, we’ve spent the fall sloshing around conflicting stats, bombastic grandstanding, and endless fretting of what’s about to happen to the venture landscape any minute. 

Many hoped for some deus ex free-market-a catalyst of a crash coming in the form of –most recently– Square’s IPO. But that too had mixed results: Slashed price to get the deal done, but a decent pop the first day of trading. OK.

Third quarter data is starting to come out and — surprise! — it’s still a mixed bag.

The positive? Somehow mega rounds keep coming, unicorns keep popping out of the metaphorical unicorn womb of Sand Hill Road. In fact, the pace of unicorn-deals in the third quarter matched the previous one, the highest of the year so far. Just this week, there were reports that DoorDash is about to join the club.

So how about a big, steaming pile of negative? CB Insights just released its third quarter exits report. 

Oh right, exits. Money coming out of the industry. When it all turns into actual real dollars.

TL;DR: They continue to totally suck. In fact, they suck worse…

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This Interactive Map Shows Exactly How Much Daylight Saving Time Affects You


This Interactive Map Shows Exactly How Much Daylight Saving Time Affects You

Daylight saving time always causes a pretty sudden shock to our internal clocks, but if you’ve every wondered exactly how much it changes things, cartographer Andy Woodruff created an interactive map that shows just how many sunless evenings (and mornings) you get.

Daylight saving time has a pretty big impact on sunrises and sunsets across the country, but the effect isn’t even across time zones. For example, the sun rises about 40 minutes earlier in New York than it does in Detroit. So, to illustrate the effect of daylight saving time, Woodruff created a bunch of different visualizations alongside an interactive map you can play with yourself. He shows how the country would look with daylight saving time abolished (nicer sunrise times) as well as if it were in effect all the time (dark sunrise times and late sunset times).

This knowledge certainly isn’t enough to get over Seasonal Affective Disorder, but at least it gives you a better visual of exactly what the days are like.


Where to hate daylight saving time and where to love it | Andy Woodruff